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Note: This page is a preliminary proposal. Provide feedback, or vote for or against it on the talk page.

Authored Lists refers to lists written and endorsed by a user, but not falling under any copyright protection. This is a guideline setting out some basic etiquette in dealing with these lists, primarily on the UESP wiki. An author of a list deserves some level of protection when they have taken the effort to create a list and share it, with the knowledge that everything works together, or discovering those that don't and noting it.

Recommended Mods[edit]

Abandoned mod lists are a perennial problem in mod communities. A user will create a list that they want to share, but after a while the user leaves. The list is still good, but links start to become broken, notes on mods become irrelevant, and some mods even stop being available. This creates a problem where no-one can update the list, and copying it to update it can cause problems with attribution and accusations of theft.


  • Each list must be hosted on a subpage of the users own page.
  • In line with the rules on editing other user's pages, only link-fixing is allowed.
  • Discussions with a user about their lists should be held off-wiki, e.g. the forums, Discord, etc. The user's talk page is for wiki-business.
  • Though there are no rules forbidding it on the wiki, blatant copying of another persons list without attribution should not happen.
  • Should an editor leave, after an appropriate amount of time, another editor can copy the list to their own user subpage, with proper attribution, and add their own additions to the bottom in a new section.
  • In cases of major dispute a discussion topic should first be brought up with the user. Only copyright infringement will see a list deleted without question.