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How do I install SkyEdit?

Simply download the binary package and copy the files into a directory of your choice. No further installation is needed and multiple installations in different paths can be used if desired.

I get an error about a missing MSVCR100.DLL when I run SkyEdit?

This may be due to a missing Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package which is needed by anything created with the MSVC++ 2010 compiler. While most modern computers should already have this installed the packages can be downloaded from Microsoft:
If you receive a different error message please make an entry on the Bugs article.

Item names are not showing up after loading a mod?

The default language for SkyEdit is English and if Skyrim is installed for a different language it will not correctly load the string files containing the item names. You can change the language used by editing the SkyEdit.ini in a text editor and change the StringFileLanguage to the appropriate value.


Skyrim.esm doesn't show up in the load dialog?

SkyEdit will try to get Skyrim's installation path from the Windows registry. If this doesn't work you can manually enter the game's path by editing the SkyEdit.ini file in any text editor and uncommenting and editing the SkyrimInstallPath entry. This can also be used if you wish to use an alternate directory for just modding purposes.


How do I create mods/plugins for Skyrim?

SkyEdit does assume you have some minimum modding knowledge. See Getting Started for a brief tutorial.

Can SkyEdit edit XXX yet?

See the Features page for details on what SkyEdit can and can't currently do. At this time the editor is in early development so there are many more things it can't do yet.

How do I duplicate [some feature] of Skyrim?

The best way is to find a similar feature within the game and figure out how it works. Our current knowledge of the game system and formats is very limited at the moment so trial and error is almost the only way.


What are your future development plans for SkyEdit?

Plans will mostly depend on how the editor is received (or not) by the Elder Scrolls modding community. The more it is used and feedback is received the more development it will get. It may be that the official Creation Kit is suitable for most modding and SkyEdit will remain a niche for certain types of modding.

How I can help development?

Source code will be eventually available on GitHub although it may be of dubious quality with the intent being on a fast release cycle rather than robustly designed and tested code. At the moment the most need is to finish deciphering the Skyrim's modfile format.