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WTHR records contain information on weather. Weather is essentially a group of static (relative to camera) clouds, a group of dynamic clouds, a sky model, maybe sound, and some other data tied together. Weather indoors is mostly lighting data.

Note: WTHR uses an unusual field type naming convention for the dynamic clouds, it starts with 00TX and goes to L0TX, but rather than just 0-9 A-L, it simply uses the sequential ASCII characters, so after 90TX is :0TX, ;0TX, etc. Rather than put all 20+ identical field combinations on the page, simply one *0TX field is listed.

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
- *0TX cloud textures zstring Path to .dds - 00TX maps to layer 0, layer n will use a texture, if there's a field ascii(ord('0')+n)0TX
- LNAM unknown uint32 Number of Texture Layers always 0x04 or 0x1d
- MNAM precipitation formID Precipitation - SPGD formID
- NNAM visual effect formID Visual Effect
- RNAM unknown struct 32 bytes, Cloud Speed Y (-0.1 - 0.1), byte n corresponds to layer n, float encoded as uint8: 0x00->-0.1, 0x7f->0, 0xfe->0.1
- QNAM unknown struct 32 bytes, Cloud Speed X (-0.1 - 0.1), byte n corresponds to layer n, encoding as above
+ PNAM cloud texture color struct[32] 512 bytes, 32 structs of 16 bytes, one for each layer
rgb Sunrise
rgb Day
rgb Sunset
rgb Night
- JNAM cloud texture alpha struct[32] 512 bytes, 32 structs of 16 bytes, one for each layer
float Sunrise alpha
float Day alpha
float Sunset alpha
float Night alpha
+ NAM0 unknown struct[] 208/224/272 bytes, structs of 16 bytes, color definitions
rgb Sunrise
rgb Day
rgb Sunset
rgb Night

The n-th struct corresponds to the following type

0 - Sky-Upper
1 - Fog Near
2 - seems to be ignored, might correspond to "Cloud Layer" which is overwritten by more detailed PNAM field
3 - Ambient
4 - Sunlight
5 - Sun
6 - Stars
7 - Sky-Lower
8 - Horizon
9 - Effect Lightning
10 - Cloud LOD Diffuse
11 - Cloud LOD Ambient
12 - Fog Far defaults to black
13 - Sky Statics defaults to black
14 - Water Multiplier defaults to white (? see NAM2/3)
15 - Sun Glare defaults to white
16 - Moon Glare defaults to white
- FNAM unknown struct 32 byte structure - Fog Distance
float Day Near
float Day Far
float Night Near
float Night Far
float Day Pow
float Night Pow
float Day Max
float Night Max
+ DATA unknown struct 19 byte structure - several uint8 are displayed as float by the CK, see the ranges given
uint8 Wind Speed (0-1)
uint8 unknown - always 0
uint8 unknown - always 0
uint8 Trans Delta (0-.25)
uint8 Sun Glare (0-1)
uint8 Sun Damage (0-1)
uint8 Precipitation - Begin Fade In (0-1)
uint8 Precipitation - End Fade Out (0-1)
uint8 Thunder / Lightning - Begin Fade In (0-1)
uint8 Thunder / Lightning - End Fade Out (0-1)
uint8 Thunder / Lightning - Frequency 255 low to 15 high DefaultWeather has 0 here, displayed as low by the CK too
uint8 flags - first four are Precipitation/Weather Classification (at most one set, defaults to None), following two are Effects/Aurora
0x01 - Pleasant
0x02 - Cloudy
0x04 - Rainy
0x08 - Snow
0x10 - Always Visible
0x20 - Follows Sun Position
rbg Precipitation/Lightning Color
uint8 unknown - always 0
uint8 Wind Direction (0-360)
uint8 Wind Dir Range (0-180)
- NAM1 unknown uint32 Disabled flags - bit n corresponds to layer n, set if disabled
* SNAM ambient sounds struct 8-byte struct
formID - Sound Reference (SNDR)
uint32 - Type
0 - Default
1 - Precip
2 - Wind
3 - Thunder
* TNAM sky statics formID Static (STAT) formID
- IMSP image spaces formID[4] Array of 4 (IMGS) formIDs (Sunrise/Day/Sunset/Night)
* DALC lighting data struct Directional Ambient, 4 fields for Sunrise, Day, Sunset, Night, usually 32 bytes, but just 24 in one case (TESTCloudyRain)
rgb - Directional Ambient X+
rgb - Directional Ambient X-
rgb - Directional Ambient Y+
rgb - Directional Ambient Y-
rgb - Directional Ambient Z+
rgb - Directional Ambient Z-
rgb - Specular Color defaults to 0/0/0 if absent
float - Fresnel Power (0-1) defaults to 1 if absent
- MODL aurora model MODL Aurora - Includes optional field MODT
- NAM2 uint32[4]? unknown - appears together with NAM3, either four times 0x00ffffff or 0xffffffff, probably responsible for some of the default whites in NAM0. Only found in a couple of older forms, goes away when saving in CK.
- NAM3 uint32[4]? unknown - same as NAM2

The weather TESTCloudyRain contains the following alternative fields:

SubRecord Type/Size Info
DNAM zstring Cloud Texture Layer 0 - Alternative to 00TX
CNAM zstring Cloud Texture Layer 1 - Alternative to 10TX
ANAM zstring Cloud Texture Layer 2 - Alternative to 20TX
BNAM zstring Cloud Texture Layer 3 - Alternative to 30TX
ONAM uint8[4] Alternative to QNAM
uint8 cloud speed layer 0
uint8 cloud speed layer 1
uint8 cloud speed layer 2
uint8 cloud speed layer 3

0x00 to 0x7f corresponds to CK displayed values of 0 to 0.1, unclear how values 0x80 to 0xff would be interpreted