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WEAP records hold information about Weapons.

C V Field Name Type/Size Info
- BAMT unknown formID Alternate block material. Points to a MATT.
- BIDS unknown formID Block bash impact data set. Points to a IPDS.
- CNAM template formID Points to another WEAP record to use as a template
 ? CRDT Critical Damage struct[16]
00:Critical Damage
uint16 0-13
04:Critical % Mult
float 0-1.5
uint32 1 = Critical Effect on Death
0C:Critical Spell Effect
+ DATA data struct[10]
int16 Base damage.
+ DESC description lstring
+ DNAM Weapon data struct[100]
00:Anim Type
uint8 Lookup: 0=Other, 1=OneHandSword, 2=OneHandDagger, 3=OneHandAxe, 4=OneHandMace, 5=TwoHandSword, 6=TwoHandAxe, 7=Bow, 8=Staff, 9=Crossbow
  • 0 is used by the "Unarmed" weapon, the weapon versions of the knife and fork, and the unpatched woodcutter's axe.
int8 unknown
in16 unknown
float Speed of weapon.
float For melee weapons, this is a multiplier used in the reach formula: fCombatDistance * NPCScale * WeaponReach (where fCombatDistance is a gamesetting).
uint16 Flags. Known flag values include:
0x01: Ignores Normal Weapon Resistance (probably an obsolete holdover from Oblivion)
0x02: Automatic
0x04: Has Scope
0x08: Can't Drop
0x10: Hide Backpack
0x20: Embedded Weapon
0x40: Don't Use 1st Person IS Animations (or Don't Use 3rd Person IS Animations -- always paired with 0x100 in third set of flags)
0x80: Unplayable (The checkbox display in the CK is "Playable", i.e. the inverse of this flag's value)
uint16 Possibly more flags, but has a constant value of 145 (0x91) in all records
10:Sight FOV
float (deprecated?) The angle of view when using Iron Sights. Done by zooming in.
uint32 0 in all records
18:VATS to hit
uint8 Base VATS To-Hit Chance (possibly obsolete). Only values are 0 and 5
int8 -1 in all records
uint8 Number of projectiles per single ammo object (possibly obsolete). 1 in all records
int8 Embedded Weapon: Actor Value, adding 46 to the stored value gives the actor value index, CK allows (0 PerceptionCondition through 6 BrainCondition), only valid if Embedded Weapon flag is set
1C:Min Range
float Tells combat AI they don't need to be closer than this value.
20:Max Range
float Tells combat AI they don't want to be any further away than this value.
uint32 0 in all records
uint32 Flags. Known flag values include:
0x01: Player Only
0x02: NPCs Use Ammo
0x04: No Jam After Reload
0x10: Minor Crime
0x20: Fixed Range
0x40: Not Used in Normal Combat
0x100: Don't Use 3rd Person IS Animations (or Don't Use 1st Person IS Animations -- always paired with 0x40 in first set of flags)
0x200: Burst Shot
0x400: Alternate Rumble
0x800: Long bursts
0x1000: Non-hostile
0x2000: Bound Weapon
float 1 in all records
float Values range from 0.1 to 5, but is not displayed in CK
34:Rumble left
float Rumble: left motor strength
38:Rumble right
float Rumble: right motor strength
3C:Rumble duration
float Rumble: duration
uint32 0 in all records
uint32 0 in all records
uint32 0 in all records
int32 Skill governing weapon's use (for staves, this is a magic skill, not a weapon skill, but apparently ignored in that case). Provided as an actor value; -1 for weapons without a governing skill
uint32 0 in all records
uint32 0 in all records
int32 Actor Value, CK allows 39 DamageResist through 44 MagicResist or -1 for None (always -1 in original files)
uint32 0 in all records
float Stagger
- EAMT Enchantment Charge Amount uint16
+ EDID editorID zstring Max 0x200 bytes, including null terminator.
- EITM Enchantment formID Points to a ENCH.
- ETYP Equip Type formID Specifies which equipment slot is used by the weapon (typically "BothHands" or "EitherHand"). Points to a EQUP.
+ FULL Name lstring
- INAM unknown formID Normal weapon swing impact set. Points to a IPDS.
- KSIZ keywordCount uint32
- KWDA keywords formID[KSIZ.keywordCount]
+ OBND objectBounds OBND
+ MODL Model File Name zstring
- MODS Alternate textures Alternate Textures Used when overriding textures in a nif file with texture sets
- MODT unknown Model Textures
- NAM7 unknown formID Attack Loop Sound (SNDR) Not found in original files
- NAM8 unknown formID UnEquip Sound (SNDR)
- NAM9 unknown formID Equip Sound (SNDR).
- NNAM unknown zstring Embedded Weapon Node
- SNAM unknown formID Attack Sound (Trap Fire) (SNDR)
- TNAM unknown formID Attack Fail Sound (SNDR).
- UNAM unknown formID Idle Sound (SNDR)
- VMAD unknown VMAD
+ VNAM Sound Detection Level uint32 The amount of sound using the weapon generates, seems to be used in determining nearby NPCs detection of the actor using the weapon. 2(0x02) = Silent, 1(0x01) = Normal, 0(0x00) = Loud, 3(0x03) = Very Loud.
- WNAM unknown formID 1st Person Model Object. Points to a STAT. Affects the Inventory Item display.
- XNAM unknown formID Attack Sound (2D) (SNDR) found in Dawnguard.esm
- YNAM unknown formID Pickup Sound (SNDR) not found in original files
- ZNAM unknown formID Putdown Sound (SNDR) not found in original files

The skill influencing the weapon damage and receiving xp is found in DNAM.Skill .

The use cost for staves (per use or per second) and enchanted weapons is the enchantment_cost. It is modified by the skills found in the effects of the enchantment (DATA.Skill), which may be none.

For unenchanted weapons the gold value is found in DATA.Value - called base_value in the following. For enchanted weapons the CK shows only the base_value, but that's not what's used ingame:

 gold_value = base_value + [0.12*EAMT + 8*enchantment_cost]

A missing EAMT field is treated as 0.

The following game settings can be changed to modify that formula:
fEnchantmentPointsMult = 0.12
fEnchantmentEffectPointsMult = 8


  • What skill governs a weapon is set separately (under Weapon Data: 4C: Skill) from its Anim Type (Weapon Data: 00: Anim Type) which is separate from its ETYP which is separate from its keywords, such as "WeapTypeBattleaxe".
    • Skill determines what skill governs the weapon.
    • Perks, magic effects, etc can check whatever they want to in general to apply to something, but they usually check keywords.
    • ETYP is purely how many hands the weapon needs; for example, the unpatched Ebony Blade and Headsman's Axe were both one-handed weapons with an ETYP of both hands.
  • Keywords can also specify the weapon material (e.g., "WeapMaterialIron"), which is primarily used for smithing and matching set purposes, and whether the weapon is sold by merchants ("VendorItemWeapon").