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TREE records contain information on trees as well other flora that can be activated.

Records between the dark lines must all be present, or just PFPC.

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
+ OBND object bounds OBND Object Bounds
+ MODL model MODL Includes Fields MODT
- PFIG result item formID FormID of INGR/ALCH
- SNAM use sound formID FormID of SNDR when activated
+ PFPC percent chance? ubyte[4] Always 0, unless PFIG present then always 64-64-64-64 (100)
- FULL ingame name lstring Full (in-game) name
+ CNAM data struct
float - Trunk Flexibility
float - Branch Flexibility
float[8] ?
float - Leaf Amplitude
float - Leaf Frequency