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SOPM are "sound output models". These are presumably boxes in space the sound will be heard in, potentially with modifier data. Sounds (SNDR) always tie to one of these.

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
- NAM1 unknown ubyte[4] not float/uint32/formid (replaced by FNAM if present)
- FNAM flag? uint32 1 only value
+ MNAM marker? uint32 1 seems to indicate presence of ONAM field (0 otherwise), might indicate physical box
- CNAM flag? uint32 2 only value, only present when FNAM is
- ONAM object bounds? struct 24 byte struct coordinates for a cube?
- SNAM object bounds? struct 16 byte struct replaces ONAM when FNAM/CNAM present, also looks like coordinates for a cube
- ANAM unknown struct 20-byte struct completely unknown, only not present if ONAM is present