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SNDR records contain data regarding individual sounds. Sounds belong to a Sound Category (SNCT), have one or more physical wav files, and are tied to a Sound Output Marker (SOPM)

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
+ CNAM sound descriptor type uint32 CRC32 hash of the class name (i.e. "BGSStandardSoundDef") Note that Bethesda uses a non standard CRC.
+ GNAM category formID Sound Category (SNCT) formid
- SNAM sound formID reference to another (SNDR) formid
- FNAM unknown dword
* ANAM a track zstring path to .wav
+ ONAM output model formID Output Model (SOPM) formid
* CTDA condition data CTDA condition data
- LNAM struct
uint16 flags
0x0001 ?
0x0002 ? mostly seen with 0x0800
0x0800 Looping: Loop
0x1000 Looping: Envelope Fast
0x2000 Looping: Envelope Slow
At most one of the looping flags can be set
uint8 - unused
uint8 - Rumble Send
Small - 7 * Lower 4 bits
Big - 7 * Upper 4 bits
+ BNAM struct
int8 - % Frequency Shift
uint8 - % Frequency Variance
uint8 - Priority (default 128)
uint8 - dB Variance
uint16 - Static Attenuation (dB) Stored value is 100 times actual value