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SNCT are "sound categories" - the broadest group to which a sound can belong (and themselves belong to up to _AudioCategoryMaster).

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
+ FULL full name lstring Variable like $Master or name like EDID
+ FNAM flags uint32 Flags
0x01 Mute When Submerged
0x02 Should Appear on Menu
- PNAM parent name formid Parent Category (SNCT)
+ VNAM staticVolumeMult uint16 static volume multiplier - despite being an integer value, this represents a float. A value of zero maps to 0.0, a value of 65536 (0xFFFF) maps to 1.0, and all other values are mapped linearly.

(only 3 possible values - FF-FF (representing a float value of 1.0), 65-E6 (representing 0.9), 32-B3 (representing 0.7))

- UNAM defaultMenuValue uint16 default menu value - see VNAM info, it uses the same "conversion" from integer to float values. Only present when "Should Appear on Menu" flag is set in FNAM subrecord. Otherwise it defaults to 1.0 (0xFFFF).

(only 3 possible values - FF-FF (representing 1.0), FF-7F (i.e. 0.5), CC-CC (0.8))