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SCEN records contain information on scenes.

Main Record[edit]

The three lists have no terminator and simply repeat until a field designates that the next block is starting.

C V Field Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID Editor ID zstring Editor ID.
- VMAD script info byte[] scripting info
+ FNAM Flags uint32
Bit 0 - Begin on quest start.
Bit 1 - Stop quest on end.
Bit 2 - Show all text.
Bit 3 - Repeat while condition block is true.
Bit 4 - Interruptible.
+ Phases Phases[] List of phases.
+ Actors Actors[] List of actors.
+ Actions Actions[] List of actions.
- SCHR Old Script SCHR Old scripting field.
+ PNAM Parent Quest formid Parent quest.
+ INAM Max Action uint32 Highest action number. Note: in rare cases, this may be higher than the highest action number, possibly indicating deleted actions.
+ VNAM Behavior Settings uint32[4] Each uint32 corresponds to the "Set all" check boxes at the top of the Actor Behavior dialogue.
0 - Set all Normal.
1 - Set all Pause.
2 - Set all End.
3 - Don't set all.
- CTDA Conditions struct Scene Data conditions.


C V Field Name Type/Size Info
+ HNAM Start Marker 0-length
+ NAM0 Description zstring Phase description. Always present, even if just a null-terminator.
* CTDA Start Conditions struct
+ NEXT Marker 0-length Delineates start conditions from completion conditions.
* CTDA Completion Conditions struct
- SCHR Old Script SCHR Old scripting field.
+ NEXT Marker 0-length
- SCHR Old Script SCHR Old scripting field.
+ WNAM Width uint32 Display width.
+ HNAM End Marker 0-length


C V Field Name Type/Size Info
+ ALID Alias ID uint32 Alias ID of actor.
- LNAM Flags uint32 Actor flags.
- DNAM Behaviors uint32 Actor behaviors.


C Field Name Type/Size Info
+ ANAM Type uint16 Start of Action block. Type of action.
0 - Dialogue.
1 - Package.
2 - Timer.
+ NAM0 Description zstring Action description.
+ ALID Alias ID uint32 Alias ID of actor performing action.
+ INAM Action Num uint32 Action number.

Note: Two records in Skyrim.esm contain actions with overlapping numbers (T03WorshippersScene (0x0001C608) and DGScene04 (0x0001B113)). In all other cases, action numbers are unique within any given scene.

- FNAM Flags uint32 Flags.
Bit 15 - Face target.
Bit 16 - Looping.
Bit 17 - Head track player.

To date, all other flags are unused.

+ SNAM Start Phase uint32 Phase action starts at. Zero-based, add one to value to match CK display values.
+ ENAM End Phase uint32 Phase action ends at. Zero-based, add one to value to match CK display values.
Dialogue Actions Only
+ DATA Topic formid Topic ID.
- HTID Head Tracking ID int32 Head-tracking alias ID. Values range from -1–225, 435 (0x1B3). High bit may be flag.
- DMAX Looping Max float32 Looping max.
- DMIN Looping Min float32 Looping min.
- DEMO Emotion Type uint32 Emotion type.
0 - Neutral.
1 - Anger.
2 - Disgust.
3 - Fear.
4 - Sad.
5 - Happy.
6 - Surprise.
7 - Puzzled.
- DEVA Emotion Value uint32 Emotion value.
Package Actions Only
* PNAM Package IDs formid Package IDs.
Timer Actions Only
+ SNAM Duration float32 Duration of timer. Note: SNAM is repurposed within timer actions and appears in addition to the action start phase SNAM field.
- SCHR Old Script SCHR Old scripting field.
+ ANAM End Marker 0-sized End of Action block.