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REVB are simple records that presumably contain reverb information for sounds.

C V Field Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorID zstring editor ID
+ DATA data struct 14 bytes
uint16 decay time (milliseconds)
uint16 HF reference (Hertz)
int8 room filter
int8 room HF filter
int8 reflections
int8 reverb amp
uint8 decay HF ratio (x100, real value is actually one hundreth of that, e.g. a value of 123 means 1.23)
uint8 scaled reflect delay (scaled by approx. 0.83 - value 0x00 maps to 0, 0xF9 maps to 300)
uint8 reverb delay (milliseconds)
uint8 diffusion %
uint8 densitiy %
uint8 unknown (seems to be zero in most cases, probably unused?)