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RELA records contain information on Relationships between 2 NPC_ or an NPC_ and the player.

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
+ DATA Data struct[16]
Parent NPC
formid Parent/child here does not necessarily mean biological parent/child; it's just a generic way of describing two connected items.
Child NPC
uint16 Relationship Level. The value stored in the game data is unsigned integer ranging from 0 to 8 (although 7 is the highest value being used so far). However, this is converted into a value ranging from -4 to 4, which is the value returned by GetRelationshipRank; negative values imply dislike/hatred whereas positive values are for friendship. The meaning assigned to each value in the CK is (the first number is the raw value in the game data; the second number is the GetRelationshipRank value):
0 - Lover (4)
1 - Ally (3)
2 - Confidant (2)
3 - Friend (1)
4 - Acquaintance (0)
5 - Rival (-1)
6 - Foe (-2)
7 - Enemy (-3)
8 - Archnemesis (-4)
uint16 The only bit set in this flag is the highest bit:
0x8000 - Secret
Association Type
formid Formid to a ASTP record, which provides additional information about the association between the two people.

Can be empty, in which case no additional information is available.