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REGN are "regions", but not in the locational sense (those are LCTN). Each region ties together ambient information (weather/music/etc), presumably so they can be dropped into settings and provide a complete ambience.

Between the thick line are repeatable field sets, RPLI/RPLD come in pairs, and every occurrence of the bottom fields is preceded by an RDAT (sole exception: RDM0/RDSA can be under same RDAT). RDAT can also appear by itself (though rare).

C V Field Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID Editor ID zstring
+ RCLR region color rgb Map Color (unknown where used)
- WNAM world name formid World (WRLD).
- RPLI uint32 Edge Fall-off (World Units)
- RPLD data for "pl"? struct[] series of 8-byte structs, vary in length from 32 to 172 look like floats, coords?
- RDAT data header? struct 8-byte struct
uint32 Tab in CK
0x02 - Objects
0x03 - Weather
0x04 - Map
0x05 - Landscape (CK will save but not show data entered here)
0x06 - Grass
0x07 - Sound
uint8 Flags
0x01 - Override
uint8 Priority
uint16 always 0
- RDMO music formid Music (MUSC) formid. Can appear with RDSA under same RDAT or on its own.
- RDSA sound data struct[] 12-byte struct, total count arbitrary
formid - Sound Reference (SNDR)
uint32 - Flags
0x01 - Pleasant
0x02 - Cloudy
0x04 - Rainy
0x08 - Snowy
float - Chance
- RDWT weather data struct[] 12-byte struct, total count arbitrary
formid - Weather (WTHR)
uint32 - percent chance (all should add up to 100)
formid - Global (GLOB, not used)
- RDOT Region generator objects struct[] Used for region generation: always 0 length in game files.

52-byte struct, total count arbitrary.

formid - object to be placed
int16 - Parent Index (-1 for none)
(2-bytes) - Unknown
float - Density
uint8 - Clustering
uint8 - Min Slope (degrees)
uint8 - Max Slope (degrees)
uint8 - Flags
0x01 - Conform to slope
0x02 - Paint Vertices
0x04 - Size Variance +/-
0x08 - x +/-
0x10 - y +/-
0x20 - z +/-
0x40 - Tree
0x80 - Huge Rock
uint16 - Radius wrt Parent
uint16 - Radius
float - Min Height
float - Max Height
float - Sink
float - Sink Variance
float - Size Variance
int16 x 3 - Angle Variance. x y z values: -180 to 180
(2-bytes) - Unknown
(3-bytes) - Vertex shading color RGB
uint8 - Shading radius ( 0 - 200) %
objects - vertex shading extent as % of object radius
textures - texture radius extent as % of parent object radius
- ICON shader? zstring path to .dds Trees\CanopyShadow.dds
- RDMP Region Name? lstring Map Name