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MUSC records contain data regarding groups of music tracks.

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorID zstring Editor ID
+ FNAM flags uint32 Flags (bitfield)
0x01 - Plays One Selection
0x02 - Abrupt Transition
0x04 - Cycle Tracks
0x08 - Maintain Track Order (only allowed, if "Cycle Tracks" is set)
0x20 - Ducks Current Track
+ PNAM data struct 4-byte struct
uint16 Priority (1 is highest priority, 100 is lowest priority)
uint16 Ducking, in dB; scaled by100, i.e. 126 means 1.26; allowed maximum is 10000, i.e. 100.00
+ WNAM fadeDuration float Fade Duration (seconds)
+ TNAM music tracks formid[] Series of MUST form IDs, total count arbitrary