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MOVT record contain data regarding movement types.

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
+ MNAM name zstring Simplified name (usually EDID minus the trailing _MT)
+ SPED Default Data struct 44-byte struct or 40-byte struct if INAM not specified.
Float - Left Walk
Float - Left Run
Float - Right Walk
Float - Right Run
Float - Forward Walk
Float - Forward Run
Float - Back Walk
Float - Back Run
Float - Rotate in Place Walk
Float - Rotate in Place Run

Not present if INAM is not specified

Float - Rotate while Moving Run
- INAM Anim Change Thresholds struct 12-byte struct
Float - Directional - Scale: 57.296
Float - Movement Speed - Scale: 57.296
Float - Rotation Speed - Scale: 57.296


If you make a new MOVT in the CK SPED will be 44 bytes. If you select the check boxes for Anim Change Thresholds their default value will be 0 and the scale multiplier is useless. This is either a bug with Bethesda's internal CK or only present in older MOVT records.