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LIGH records represent base lighting objects.

Record header flags:

0x10000 - Random Anim Start
0x20000 - Portal-strict
0x200000 - Obstacle
C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID EditorID zstring
- VMAD Scripting VMAD Scripting Info
+ OBND Bounds OBND Object Bounds
+ MODL model MODL Includes Field MODT
- DEST destruction data DEST Includes Fields DSTD, DMDL, DMDT, DMDS
+ FULL Item name lstring
+ ICON icon zstring Inventory icon filename
+ MICO icon zstring Message icon filename
+ DATA Light Data 48 byte struct
int32 Time (-1 = Infinite)
uint32 Radius
rgb Color (0x00BBGGRR)
uint32 Flags
0x0001 Dynamic?
0x0002 Can be carried
0x0008 Effect: Flicker
0x0020 Off by default
0x0040 Effect: FlickerSlow?
0x0080 Effect: Pulse
0x0400 Type: Shadow Spotlight
0x0800 Type: Shadow Hemisphere
0x1000 Type: Shadow Omnidirectional
0x2000 ?
At most on Effect flag can be set, defaults to "None" if none is set. FlickerSlow can't be specified in the CK, but several records have it set
At most one Type flag can be set, if none is set type defaults to "Omnidirectional"
float Falloff Exponent
float FOV (default of 90 deg)?
float Near Clip (some strange values from 9e-13 to 1.67e+8)
float 1/Period
float Intensity Amplitude
float Movement Amplitude
uint32 Value
float Weight
+ FNAM Fade float Ranges from 0.1 to 10
+ SNAM Holding Sound formID SNDR