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LCTN records are locations.

Locations are not primarily physical location data (those would be WRLD/CELL), they are a record tying together references of all types (Actor, Items, Places) and are usually assigned to a cell/dungeon/world area. A location can be as big as an entire hold, or it can be a single campfire in the wilderness.

Since Dawnguard the name of several fields are changed from previously L* to their A* counterpart. The content of those fields seems to be unchanged.

C V Field Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorID zstring
- ACPR/LCPR population refs struct[] arbitrary total count of 12 byte struct
formID ACHR (actor reference)
formID CELL OR WRLD(0x3C=Tamriel)
int16/int16 ?
- RCPR population refs formID[] Actors - there is only one instance of this in the game data, in the Dawnguard version of MilitaryCampRiftImperialLocation
- ACUN/LCUN unique refs struct[] arbitrary total count of 12 byte struct
formID NPC_
formID ACHR (actor reference)
formID LCTN (points to itself in most cases)
- ACSR/LCSR static refs struct[] Location Ref Types - arbitrary total count of 16 byte struct
formID CELL OR WRLD(0x3C=Tamriel)
int16/int16 ?
* ACEC/LCEC encounter? struct

followed by an arbritrary number of int16 pairs

- ACEP/LCEP enable points? struct[] arbitrary total count of 12 byte struct
ubyte[4] additional data, varies significantly though first byte always 0x00
- ACID/LCID unknown formID[] unknown
- FULL full name lstring Full (in-game) name
- KSIZ keyword count KSIZ Keyword count
- KWDA keywords KWDA Keywords array
- PNAM parent location formID Parent LCTN formID.
- NAM1 music formID MUSC formID.
- FNAM unknown formID Unreported Crime Faction
- MNAM marker formID World Location Marker Ref - reference REFR formID to a STAT
- RNAM unknown float World Location Radius
- NAM0 unknown formID Horse Marker Ref
- CNAM unknown rgb Color