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An KEYM record contains data for a key.

C V Field Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorID zstring Record Editor ID
- VMAD script data VMAD Script Data
+ OBND objectBounds OBND Always 12 bytes even if all 0s
+ FULL itemName lstring Full (in-game) item name
- MODL model zstring World model filename
- MODT model data struct[] series of 12-byte structs (assume xyz)
- YNAM pickupSound formid Sound(SNDR) played when picked up
- ZNAM dropSound formid Sound(SNDR) played when dropped
- KSIZ numKeywords KSIZ KYWD Count.
- KWDA keywords KWDA [KYWD 0x000914EF] VendorItemKey
+ DATA item data struct 8 bytes
uint32 Value
float Weight