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Dialogue Topic Info (INFO) records represent all the game's dialogue topics and possible responses. They appear in a group directly following their associated Dialogue Topic (DIAL) record.

C Subrecord Name Type/Size Info
- EDID EditorId zstring Editor ID
- VMAD ScriptInfo VMAD Papyrus script info.
DATA and ENAM are exclusive of one another. DATA is seen on record versions 31 and lower, while ENAM is seen on record versions 31 and higher. Record version 31 itself can have either but not both.
- DATA DialogueTab uint16 Quest dialogue tab. This sub-field is absent altogether in the newer ENAM fields and is presumably unused.
0: Player Dialogue
1: Favor Dialogue
2: Scenes
3: Combat
4: Favors
5: Detection
6: Service
7: Misc
Flags uint16 Flags
Bit 0: Goodbye
Bit 1: Random
Bit 2: Say once
Bit 4: On activation
Bit 5: Random end
Bit 6: Invisible continue
Bit 7: Walk away
Bit 8: Walk away invisible in menu
Bit 9: Force subtitle
Bit 10: Can move while greeting
Bit 11: Has no lip file (inverted from CK)
Bit 12: Requires post-processing
Bit 13: Has audio output override
Bit 14: Spends favor points
ResetTime float Days until reset. Note difference from ENAM field.
- ENAM Flags uint16 As above
ResetTime uint16 Hours until reset. Scaled: 0 = 0 hours, 0xFFFF = 24 hours. Note difference from DATA field.
- PNAM PreviousInfo formid Previous topic info. Never present in Skyrim.esm; always present in all other files.
- CNAM FavorLevel byte Favor Level: None (0) - Large (3)
* TCLT TopicLinks formid Follow-up topics after this one. (INFO records)
- DNAM SharedInfo formid Show Response Data From Info. If present, responses will be selected from the linked topic rather than from the Responses fields. Some records have both, but the Responses collection appears to be overridden by the shared info.
* Responses response[] Zero or more responses to the topic, as represented between the thick lines below. Represented in the CK on the "Edit Response" form.
+ TRDT response.EmotionType uint32 Neutral (0), Anger (1), Disgust (2), Fear (3), Sad (4), Happy (5), Surprise (6), Puzzled (7)
response.EmotionValue uint32 0 - 100
response.Unknown1 int32 Always 0
response.Id uint8 Response number
uint8[3] Junk
response.SoundFile formid Sound File
response.UseEmoAnim uint8 Use Emotion Animation
uint8[3] Junk
+ NAM1 response.Text ilstring The dialogue string displayed in game
+ NAM2 response.Notes zstring Actor notes - not used in game
+ NAM3 response.Edits zstring Edits
- SNAM response.SpeakerIdleAnims formid Idle Animations: Speaker
- LNAM response.ListenerIdleAnims formid Idle Animations: Listener
* CTDA Conditions CTDA List of conditions which must be true for this dialogue to be available
- SCHR SCHR Old scripting info. If present at all, the fields will always include an SCHR grouping, a NEXT, and another SCHR grouping.
NEXT null Marker to separate SCHR fields.
SCHR SCHR Old scripting info.
- RNAM Response lstring The player's response to a question (INFO with TCLT options). If present, overrides the default text coming from the parent dialogue topic.
- ANAM Speaker formid Speaker
- TWAT WalkAwayTopic formid Walk Away topic
- ONAM AudioOutputOverride formid Audio Output Override