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IMAD records contain information on imagespace modifiers.

Several fieldnames in this record start with a non-printable character. They are rendered here as ctrl-codes (0x00=^@, 0x01=^A, ...).

The fields with type "imad" are variable length arrays of pairs of floats. The first float of each pair specifies a timestamp, the second float a value. Timestamp values stored are between 0 and 1, multiply with the global duration to get the time values displayed by the CK. If for a given timestamp no value is specified, it will be automatically calculated (how?). Color values stored, including alpha, are floats between 0 and 1, multiply with 255 to get the values displayed by the CK.

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
+ DNAM struct
unit32 - flag
0x1 - Animatable
float - Duration
uint32[] - the number of different time entries for each field (?)
+ BNAM blur imad Blur Radius
+ VNAM double vision imad Double Vision Strength
+ TNAM tint float[] Series of float 5-tuples specifying tint colors
float - timestamp
float - red
float - green
float - blue
float - alpha
+ NAM3 fade float[] Series of float 5-tuples specifying fade colors
float - timestamp
float - red
float - green
float - blue
float - alpha
+ RNAM imad Radial Blur Str
+ SNAM imad Radial Blur Rampup
+ UNAM imad Radial Blur Start
+ NAM1 imad Radial Blur Rampdown
+ NAM2 imad Radial Blur DownStart
+ WNAM imad Depth Of Field Strength
+ XNAM imad Depth Of Field Distance
+ YNAM imad Depth Of Field Range
+ NAM4 imad FullScreen Motion Blur
+ ^@IAD imad Eye Adapt Speed Multiply
+ @IAD imad Eye Adapt Speed Add
+ ^AIAD imad Bloom Blur Radius Multiply
+ AIAD imad Bloom Blur Radius Add
+ ^BIAD imad Bloom Treshold Multiply
+ BIAD imad Bloom Treshold Add
+ ^CIAD imad Bloom Scale Multiply
+ CIAD imad Bloom Scale Add
+ ^DIAD imad Target Lum Min Multiply
+ DIAD imad Target Lum Min Add
+ ^EIAD imad Target Lum Max Multiply
+ EIAD imad Target Lum Max Add
+ ^FIAD imad Sunlight Scale Multiply
+ FIAD imad Sunlight Scale Add
+ ^GIAD imad Sky Scale Multiply
+ GIAD imad Sky Scale Add
+ ^HIAD imad unknown
+ HIAD imad unknown
+ ^IIAD imad unknown
+ IIAD imad unknown
+ ^JIAD imad unknown
+ JIAD imad unknown
+ ^KIAD imad unknown
+ KIAD imad unknown
+ ^LIAD imad unknown
+ LIAD imad unknown
+ ^MIAD imad unknown
+ MIAD imad unknown
+ ^NIAD imad unknown
+ NIAD imad unknown
+ ^OIAD imad unknown
+ OIAD imad unknown
+ ^PIAD imad unknown
+ PIAD imad unknown
+ ^QIAD imad Saturation Multiply
+ QIAD imad Saturation Add
+ ^RIAD imad Brightness Multiply
+ RIAD imad Brightness Add
+ ^SIAD imad Contrast Multiply
+ SIAD imad Contrast Add
+ ^TIAD imad unknown
+ TIAD imad unknown