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IDLE records contain information on idle animations/behaviors.

It also appears to dictate some behavior, or at least the animations used, when in combat. These can be found by tracing the AACT for attacking in the ANAM field of the root and then following those ANAM roots up/down.

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
- EDID editorId zstring Editor id
* CTDA script CTDA script info
- DNAM havok file zstring Path to .hkx
- ENAM Anim Event zstring eg 'HorseExitSwim', 'NPCshoutStart'
+ ANAM animations formid[2] 2 formids
parent, IDLE formid OR Action(AACT) for true root
previous IDLE
+ DATA unknown struct 6 bytes, usually 00-00-00/01, 4th byte almost never empty, 00-00
uint8 Min Looping Seconds
uint8 Max Looping Seconds
If both min and max looping seconds are set to 255 (i.e. maximum value), that means 'loop forever'.
uint8 flags
0x02 - Sequence
0x04 - Not attacking
0x08 - Blocking
uint8 unknown
uint16 Replay Delay