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HDPT records contain head part data.

Each record has base model information followed by a group of fields for each possible usage (chargen/other) indicating a .tri file.

Finally, it's also a reference to a fixed list (FLST) of possible part data (except a few odd cases like manekins).

NAM0/NAM1 pairs will repeat (in thick lines).

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
- FULL name lstring name string, matches editor ID in most (not all) records
- MODL model zstring Models\ relative .nif
- MODT model texture data MODT model struct
+ DATA flags ubyte flags
+ PNAM unknown uint32 type info or total part count?
* HNAM additional part formid Other HDPT formid attached (e.g. blind right eye to set of both)
+ NAM0 option type uint32 values:
0x00 generic default?
0x01 default
0x02 chargen
+ NAM1 .tri file zstring Path to .tri
- TNAM base texture formid TXST formid
- RNAM resource list formid Fixed List(FLST) formid
- CNAM formid Color (seen in Dawnguard.esm)