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The following are a large number of hard-coded default settings which don't actually exist within Skyrim.esm. Their values can still be overwritten by creating a new entry in a plugin using the same editor ID.

sClearSelections        Clear Selections
sEnchantDeconstructMenuDescription      Choose an item to destroy and learn its effects
sEnchantmentKnown       The enchantment on this item is already known
sResolution     Resolution
sActiveMineDescription  Live
sSelfRange      Self
sHandToHandIcon Icons\Weapons\HandToHand.dds
sDeleteSuccessful       Save game deleted.
sOverEncumbered You are carrying too much to be able to run.
sRSMWeight      Weight
sVoiceVolume    Voice
sBounty Bounty
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousHello     Hello
sMenuDisplayQuicksaveName       Quicksave
sMonthDecember  Evening Star
sTopicSubtypeTextSceneDialogueCustom    Custom
sLightFade      Light Fade
sLackRequiredSkillToImprove     You lack the required skill to improve this item
sAnimationCanNotEquipArmor      You cannot change armor while attacking.
sSoulLevelNameGrand     Grand
sQuicksaveAbbrev        QUICK
sHUDStarted     Started
sAdd    Add
sIngredientFail  Ingredient had no effect.
sRestartBecauseContentRemoved   The game must restart now because downloaded content has been removed.
sRSMEyeTypes    Eye Shape
sRemoveMarker   Remove It
sMagicEffectItemSecondsPlural   secs
sMagicEffectItemPercent %
sMagicEffectItemFor     for
sSingleDragonSoulCount  %i Dragon Soul
sAddItemtoInventory     Added
sRequirementsText       Requires:  
sRSMPaint       War Paint
sYesToAllText   Yes to all
sLoadFromMainMenu       Are you sure you want to load this game?
sSneakHidden    [HIDDEN]
sFullHealth     You are already at full health.
sDefaultCubeMap Cubemaps\CaveGreenCube_e.dds
sArmor  ARMOR
sConfirmWarning WARNING:  Any unsaved progress will be lost.
sNoSleepDefault You cannot sleep at this time.
sMiscPlayerDeadLoadOption       Reload
sPronounObjFemale       her
sMagicCastShoutWhileCasting     You cannot shout while casting a spell
sLockBroken     The lock has been broken.
sLevelAbbrev    Level
sRead   Read
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatMurder   Murder
sAddedEffects   Added Effects
sHarvest        Harvest
sHealth Health
sRSMCheekboneWidth      Cheekbone Width
sContractedDisease      You have contracted
sReturn Return
sCanNotTrainHigher      This NPC cannot help you train any higher.
sSaveGameCorruptMenuMessage     The save game is corrupt and cannot be loaded.
sRSMBrowForward Brow Forward
sConfirmAttribute       Increase %s?
sMusicVolume    Music
sNoRepairHostileActorsNear      You cannot repair items when enemies are nearby.
sRemoveItemfromInventory        Removed
sLockLevelNameEasy      Easy
sOldDownloadsAvailable  View Available Content
sRSMEyeSocketUpperColor Eye Shadow
sDisenchant     Disenchant
sSteel  STEEL
sPCRelationshipPositiveChangeText        is now your 
sFileNotFound   File does not exist
sAddCrimeGold   crimegold added to
sTimeSpanMidnight       midnight
sDaySunday      Sundas
sRemoveCrimeGold        crimegold removed from
sFastTravelNoTravelHealthDamage You can't fast travel while taking health damage
sEffectsListDisplaySec  sec
sMagicEffectItemSecondsSingular sec
sTimeSpanNight  night
sOKText OK
sTopicSubtypeTextServiceBarterExit      BarterExit
sLearningEnchantments   Learning Enchantments
sEnterName      Enter character name.
sMagicConstantEffect    Constant Effect
sFirstPersonSkeleton    Actors\Character\_1stPerson\Skeleton.NIF
sCrimeTypeSteal Steal
sGFWLive        LIVE
sMoveMarker     Move It
sMonthMay       Second Seed
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousJump      Jump
sOptional       Optional
sLackRequiredPerkToImproveMagical       You lack the perk to improve magical items
sNoFastTravelCell       You cannot fast travel from this location.
sTweenDisabledMessage   Character screen not available to werewolves.
sRSMScars       Scars
sMagicDeliveryStrike    Strike
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousEnterSprintBreath EnterSprintBreath
sCantQuickLoad  You can't Quickload while the game is paused.
sQuestUpdatedText       Quest updated
sLockLevelNameImpossible        Requires Key
sRestartToUseProfileContent     In order to use the downloaded content associated with this profile, you will need to restart.
sRSMRace        Race
sMagicConcentration     Concentration
sNoFastTravelCombat     You cannot fast travel during combat!
sMagicFireAndForget     Fire and Forget
sMagicTypeEnchantment   Enchantment
sSaveOnWait     Save On Wait
sChemsWithdrawal        You are suffering from %s withdrawal.
sBroken [Locked - Broken]
sMagicEffectItemLock    Lock
sCreated        Created
sSneakDanger    [DANGER]
sPronounRefFemale       herself
sFirstOrdSuffix st
sMiscPlayerDeadMessage  Reloading the most recent save game
sHUDFailed      Failed
sTo     To
sCrimeTypeWerewolf      Werewolf Transformation
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatAssaultNC        AssaultNC
sResetToDefaults        Reset your control mappings to their default settings?
sMagicEffectItemUpToLevel       up to level
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousOutofBreath       OutofBreath
sRenameItem     Rename Item
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousKnockOverObject   KnockOverObject
sPCRelationshipNegativeChangeText        is no longer your 
sNoTalkFleeing   is fleeing for their life.
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatPowerAttack      PowerAttack
sRadioStationDiscovered %s signal found.
sCantQuickSave  You can't Quicksave while the game is paused.
sLearn  Learn
sEbony  EBONY
sSkillIncreased %s Increased to %i
sEffectsListDisplayMin  min
sPlayerDisarmedMessage  You have been disarmed!
sMagicEnchantmentTypeWeapon     Weapon
sCriticalStrike Critical Strike on
sMagicEffectItemRestore Restore
sPreviousSelection      Previous Selection
sNotAllowedToUseAutoDoorsWhileonHorse   Dismount Horse before going through door.
sAlchemyMenuDescription Combine ingredients to make potions
sRSMCheekboneHeight     Cheekbone Height
sContainerItemsTitle    Inventory
sMissingName    <Missing Name>
sUnequipItemOnPlayer    was unequipped
sTimeSpanSunrise        sunrise
sVatsAimed      Aimed
sEmpty  Empty
sPCControlsTextPrefix   push
sRumble Vibration
sTopicSubtypeTextDetectionLostToNormal  LostToNormal
sPronounPosFemale       hers
sPressControl   Press the new control for this action
sCurrentLocation        Current Location
sRide   Ride
sTimeHours      Hours
sRSMEyelinerColor       Eyeliner Color
sScrollEquipped  equipped.
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousPlayerinIronSights        PlayerinIronSights
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorsExitFavorState   ExitFavorState
sDaedric        DAEDRIC
sContainerPlaceChance   TO PLACE
sMagicTypePoison        Poison
sActivationChoiceMessage        What would you like to do?
sMiscUnknownEffect      (Unknown Effect)
sSaveFailed     Save failed.
sNotEnoughRoomWarning   You do not have enough room to drop this object.
sRepairAllItems Repair All (%d)
sRSMEyeHeight   Eye Height
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatPickpocketCombat PickpocketCombat
sRetryText      Retry
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatSteal    Steal
sObjectLODFade  Object LOD Fade
sStatsPerkConfirm       Are you sure you want this perk?
sSexFemalePronoun       she
sSaveGameCorrupt        SAVE CORRUPT
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatAssault  Assault
sEnterItemName  Enter Item Name
sParticleArrayAttachExcludeList Node1,Node2,Node3
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousDestroyObject     DestroyObject
sMustRestart    You must exit and restart Skyrim for changes in this setting to take effect.
sSexFemale      female
sHolidayEmperorsBirthday        Emperor's Birthday
sActionPointsHeal       Heal
sNoMoreFollowers        You have too many followers.
sMiscConstantEffect     Constant Effect
sPoisonUnableToPoison   Current weapon cannot be poisoned.
sDeleteSaveGame Are you sure you want to delete this save game?
sDropQuestItemWarning   You cannot remove Quest Items from your Inventory.
sRSMConfirm     Are you sure you want to be this character?
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousIdle      Idle
sMagicTypeStaffEnchantment      Staff Enchantment
sNoEatQuestItem You can not eat quest items.
sRepairSkillTooLow      %d%s REPAIR SKILL NEEDED
sAttack Attack
sQuantity       Quantity
sBloodParticleDefault   Effects\BloodSpray.nif
sMagicEffectItemCreateLock      Create
sHolidayOldLifeFestival Old Life Festival
sLockLevelNameVeryEasy  Very Easy
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatAvoidThreat      AvoidThreat
sLoading        Loading...
sMagicTypeScroll        Scroll
sServeTimeQuestion      Do you just want to serve your time?
sMissingImage   Data\Textures\Interface\Shared\missing_image.dds
sOff    OFF
sArmorWeightNone        None
sApprenticeDisplayName  Apprentice
sTargetRange    Target
sRSMAge Age
sNoviceDisplayName      Novice
sTopicSubtypeTextPlayerDialogueForceGreet       ForceGreet
sImperial       IMPERIAL
sNoSleepTrespass        You cannot sleep while trespassing.
sPronounPosObjMale      his
sDefaultOrdSuffix       th
sTopicSubtypeTextServiceRecharge        Recharge
sCurrentObjective       CURRENT OBJECTIVE
sYour   Your
sDeviceRemoved  The save device you selected is no longer available.  You will need to select a new device the next time you save.  Until then, Autosave is disabled.
sNoText No
sDiscoveredEffects      Discovered effects
sConfirmSpendSoul       Spend Soul?
sWeapons        WEAPONS
sNoRestart      No, keep playing.
sOutOfLockpicks You are out of lockpicks.
sHolidayMidYearCelebration      Mid Year Celebration
sAlreadyPlacedMine      An active mine has already been placed on this enemy.
sHealthDataPrefixArmo1  Fine
sRSMMouthForward        Mouth Forward
sActivateNPCCalmed      is calmed and cannot respond.
sMagicEffectItemOn      on
sTimeSpanAfternoon      afternoon
sHealthDataPrefixArmo2  Very Fine
sPCControlsTriggerPrefix        pull
sMenuDisplayAutosaveName        Autosave
sHigh   High
sHealthDataPrefixArmo3  Extra Fine
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatAllyKilled       AllyKilled
sNoSleepInCell  You cannot sleep in this location.
sHealthDataPrefixArmo4  Super Fine
sDifficulty     Difficulty
sHealthDataPrefixArmo5  Super Duper Fine
sConstructibleMenuConfirm       Do you want to create this item?
sDownloadsAvailable     New Content Available
sHealthDataPrefixArmo6  Ultra Fine
sDropEquippedItemWarning        You cannot drop an equipped item until you complete your current action.
sRSMPaintColor  War Paint Color
sEssentialCharacterDown is unconscious.
sAmber  AMBER
sSortMethod     Sort
sHolidaySecondPlanting  Second Planting
sVatsBodyPart   Body Part
sDefaultPlayerName      Player Name
sTake   Take
sImpactParticleWoodDefault      Effects\ImpactBallisticWood01.nif
sNoKeyDropWarning       You cannot drop keys.
sNumberAbbrev   No.
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorDialogueFavor     Favor
sGenderMale     male
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousPlayerCastSelfSpell       PlayerCastSelfSpell
sRSMComplexion  Complexion
sJewelry        JEWELRY
sRSMJawHeight   Jaw Height
sPotions        POTIONS
sSuccessfulSneakAttackMain      Sneak attack for 
sTraitsTitle    OPTIONAL TRAITS:  %d/%d Selected
sRSMTone        Skin Tone
sAttributesTitle        ATTRIBUTES: %d/%d Points Assigned
sDayThursday    Turdas
sTeammateOverencumbered can't carry any more.
sCreatedPotionNamePrefix        Potion of 
sItemTooHeavy   The item is too heavy to carry.
sEffectsListDisplayHour hour
sLevelUpAvailable       Open the stats menu to level up.
sBloodParticleMeleeDefault      Effects\ImpactMeleeBloodSpray01.nif
sHolidayJestersDay      Jester's Day
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousNoticeCorpse      NoticeCorpse
sSmithingConfirm        Do you want to improve this item?
sMagicTypeVoicePower    Voice Power
sNoPickPocketAgain       has already caught you.
sWeaponBreak    Your weapon has broken.
sMagicEffectItemAbsorb  Absorb
sMonthFebruary  Sun's Dawn
sMenuDisplayUnknownLocationString       Unknown Location
sMenuDisplayNoSaves     No saved games.
sPlaceMarker    Place Marker
sDismemberParticleDefault       Gore\BloodSprayLimb01.nif
sCrimeTypePickpocket    Pickpocket
sRSMJawWidth    Jaw Width
sChooseSoulGem  Choose Soul Gem to Use
sMagicSchoolIllusion    Illusion
sTopicSubtypeTextServiceTraining        Training
sXSensitivity   X-Sensitivity
sHUDOpacity     HUD Opacity
sNoWaitInAir    You cannot wait in the air.
sMisc   MISC
sNoArrows       No arrows equipped.
sDayFriday      Fredas
sImprovement    Improvement
sControllerOption       Turn off 360 Controller in the Controls section of the Settings menu to switch back to Keyboard/Mouse.
sGrassFade      Grass Fade
sExit   Exit
sTimeSpanMorning        morning
sGold   gold
sCancel Cancel
sMagicSchoolRestoration Restoration
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatVoicePowerStartLong      VoicePowerStartLong
sAnimationCanNotEquipWeapon     You cannot change weapons while attacking.
sRSMEyeDepth    Eye Depth
sQuitAlchemy    Quit alchemy?
sVATSMessageZeroChance  You have zero chance to hit.
sRSMDirtColor   Dirt Color
sYes    Yes
sFindingContentMessage  Looking for content.  Please wait.
sLockLevelNameAverage   Average
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorDialogueShowRelationships ShowRelationships
sSoulGemTooSmall        There is no Soul Gem large enough to capture the soul.
sEffectAlreadyAdded     Effect has already been added.  Edit the effect instead.
sSkillIncreasedNum      %s increased by %d
sTouchRange     Strike
sPoisonBowConfirmMessage        Do you want to poison your next shot with the 
sSoulLevelNameCommon    Common
sHolidayWitchesFestival Witches' Festival
sNoWaitTakingHealthDamage       You cannot wait while taking health damage.
sDragonSoulAcquired     Dragon Soul Acquired
sAllItems       ALL
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorsRefuse   Refuse
sArmorEnchantments      ARMOR ENCHANTMENTS
sRestoration    RESTORATION
sMagicTypeDisease       Disease
sMedium Medium
sMonthAugust    Last Seed
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousPursueIdleTopic   PursueIdleTopic
sItemTooExpensive       You don't have enough gold.
sPauseText      Pause
sSaveGameNoMasterFilesFound     None of the master files used in this save game are loaded.  Returning to game.
sTalk   Talk
sSeasonWinter   Winter
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatAcceptYield      AcceptYield
sPotionCreationFailed   Potion creation failed
sDownloadsNotAvail      No New Content Available
sRSMCheekColorLower     Cheek Color Lower
sSit    Sit
sTopicSubtypeTextDetectionAlertToCombat AlertToCombat
sCantEquipBrokenItem    Broken items cannot be equipped until they have been repaired.
sSpecularityFade        Specularity Fade
sRanksText      Ranks
sImpactParticleConcreteDefault  Effects\ImpactBallisticConcrete01.nif
sRandomDoorTeleportFailureMessage       This door leads nowhere.
sNoFastTravelOverencumbered     You cannot fast travel while overencumbered.
sTimeSpanEvening        evening
sRSMMouthHeight Mouth Height
sTimeSpanSunset sunset
sWhite  WHITE
sRSMBody        Body
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousLeaveWaterBreath  LeaveWaterBreath
sCrimeTypeAttack        Attack
sSoulLevel      Filled with %s Soul
sObjectFade     Object Fade
sChangeItemSelection    Change Item Selection
sResource       Resource
sHairColor10    sHairColor10
sHolidayNewLifeFestival New Life Festival
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatTaunt    Taunt
sPCControlsTextNone     <NOT BOUND>
sSaveGameNoLongerAvailable      The save game is no longer available.  Returning to game.
sHairColor11    sHairColor11
sRSMEyeSocketLowerColor Eye Tint
sTopicSubtypeTextDetectionCombatToNormal        CombatToNormal
sTopicSubtypeTextPlayerDialogueCustom   Custom
sHairColor12    sHairColor12
sScrolls        SCROLLS
sQuestAddedText Quest added
sMagicSchoolDestruction Destruction
sHairColor13    sHairColor13
sPronounPosMale his
sMonthOctober   Frost Fall
sHairColor14    sHairColor14
sBleedingOutMessage     You are bleeding out!
sMonthSeptember Heart Fire
sHairColor15    sHairColor15
sConfirmDelete  Delete this game?
sHolidayHarvestsEnd     Harvest's End
sMiscPlayerDeadMenuOption       Main Menu
sMiscQuestDescription   Miscellaneous quests!
sContinueText   Continue Running Executable?
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorDialogueAskGift   AskGift
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatGroupStrategy    GroupStrategy
sLocked Locked
sShadowFade     Shadow Fade
sMasterVolume   Master
sActionPointsPunch      Punch
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousCombatGrunt       CombatGrunt
sVATSMessageLowAP       Low
sSearch Search
sDestruction    DESTRUCTION
sDragon DRAGON
sMenuDisplayLevelString Level
sMonthJanuary   Morning Star
sSpellAdded     New Spell Learned
sRSMBrow        Brow
sMagicProjectileTypeBall        Ball
sActionMapping  Action Mapping
sCantChangeResolution   You must close your current game to change resolutions.
sAlteration     ALTERATION
sYSensitivity   Y-Sensitivity
sNoSaves        [NO SAVES FOUND]
sOpen   Open
sMagicEnhanceWeaponNoWeapon     You must have a weapon drawn.
sRSMBrowWidth   Brow Width
sMenuDisplayNewSave     New Save
sMoveMarkerQuestion     Do you want to move your marker or remove it?
sWitnessKilled  Last witness killed.
sSceneBlockingActorActivation   This person is in a conversation.
sNoWaitWarnToLeave      You cannot wait while being asked to leave.
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousSwingMeleeWeapon  SwingMeleeWeapon
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatStealFromNC      StealFromNC
sMagicEnhanceWeaponWeaponEnchanted      Your current weapon is already enchanted.
sNormalWeaponsResisted  Your attack has no effect.
sMagicEffectItemFeet    ft
sActionPointsSwitchWeapon       Switch Weapon
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatVoicePowerStartShort     VoicePowerStartShort
sEnchantmentsLearned    You learned the %s enchantment from destroying this item.
sCantRemoveWornItem     Unable to remove the worn item.
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatPickpocketNC     PickpocketNC
sEnchantment    Enchantment
sRSMEyes        Eyes
sEffectsListDisplaySecs secs
sSaveGameContentIsMissing       This save relies on content that is no longer present. Some objects may no longer be available. Continue Loading?
sRSMDirt        Dirt
sDismemberRobotParticleDefault  Gore\RobotLimbSpray01.nif
sRSMHair        Hair
sEnchantMustChooseItems Choose an item, enchantment, and soul gem
sWood   WOOD
sFastTravelConfirm      Fast travel to %s?
sMagicProjectileTypeBolt        Bolt
sMagicTypeSpell Spell
sPrevious       Previous
sSmall  Small
sRSMName        Name
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatDeath    Death
sApparel        APPAREL
sMagicProjectileTypeFog Fog
sHolidaySunsRest        Sun's Rest
sSaveOverSaveGame       Are you sure you want to overwrite this save game?
sCantUnequipGeneric     You cannot unequip this item.
sMiscQuestName  Miscellaneous
sQuestFailed    Quest FAILED
sMagicTypeAbility       Ability
sExpert Expert
sCrosshair      Crosshair
sPronounPosObjFemale    her
sPronounIntFemale       herself
sItemFade       Item Fade
sRSMBrowTypes   Brow Type
sBack   Back
sNoWaitDefault  You cannot wait at this time.
sRepairCost     Cost: %d caps
sTopicSubtypeTextDetectionLostIdle      LostIdle
sAttributeDrained       is being drained
sNoFastTravelDefault    You cannot fast travel at this time.
sAreaText       Area
sIngredient     Ingredient
sCreate Create
sNoSleepInOwnedBed      You cannot sleep in an owned bed.
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorDialogueAskFavor  AskFavor
sPoisonConfirmMessage   Do you want to poison the 
sMagicSchoolConjuration Conjuration
sCrimeTypeEscape        Escape Jail
sArmorSmithing  Armor Smithing
sRSMSkinColor   Skin Tone
sNoFastTravelInAir      You can't fast travel while jumping or falling.
sRestartToUseNewContent New content has been added.  You will need to restart to use this content.  All unsaved progress will be lost.
sMagicCastInsufficientItemCharge        Your item has insufficient charge
sEnchanting     Enchanting
sTreeLODFade    Tree LOD Fade
sDialogSubtitles        Dialog Subtitles
sMagicGuideNoPath       There's no way to get to the nearest active quest location or map marker.
sNoRepairInCombat       You cannot repair items while in combat.
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatBash     Bash
sDiscoveredText discovered
sDevice Device
sRepairServicesTitle    Repair Services
sEffectsListDisplayMins mins
sPickpocketFail You've been caught pickpocketing.
sGenderFemale   female
sQuickLoading   Quickloading...
sTimeAM AM
sAllegiance     Allegiance
sSecondOrdSuffix        nd
sActionPointsAttack     Attack
sConjuration    CONJURATION
sNext   Next
sDayWednesday   Middas
sQuestCompletedText     Quest completed
sPronounObjMale him
sRestartSignedOut       You have signed out of your profile and will now be returned to the main menu.
sLoadWhilePlaying       Are you sure you want to load this game?  All unsaved progress will be lost.
sRSMMouth       Mouth
sChoose Choose
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatTrespassAgainstNC        TrespassAgainstNC
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorDialogueGift      Gift
sRSMBrowHeight  Brow Height
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousObserveCombat     ObserveCombat
sCorruptContentMessage  Some of your downloaded content is corrupt and could not be loaded.
sGlass  GLASS
sEffectsVolume  Effects
sLeaveMarker    Leave It
sWeaponSmithing Weapon Smithing
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatTrespass Trespass
sCraft  Craft
sAutoSaving     Autosaving...
sConfirmDisenchant      Are you sure you want to destroy this item and learn its enchantment?
sRSMFacialHairPresets   Facial Hair
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorDialogueReject    Reject
sCantHotkeyItem You cannot favorite that item.
sSoulGem        Soul Gem
sRepair REPAIR
sAddItemtoSpellList     added
sFor    for
sSeasonSpring   Spring
sTopicSubtypeTextServiceTravel  Travel
sEnchantArmorIncompatible       Chosen enchantment cannot be applied to this item
sNoChildUse     Children cannot use that.
sSuccessfulSneakAttackEnd       X damage!
sSkillsCount    Tag %d Skill
sGotAwayWithStealing    got away with stealing
sMaster Master
sNoProfileSelected      You have not signed in to a Gamer Profile.  You will need to sign in to a Gamer Profile and then select a storage device before you can save.  Until then, Autosave is disabled.
sCanNotEquipWornEnchantment     You cannot equip this item right now.
sThirdOrdSuffix rd
sTopicSubtypeTextDetectionDetectFriendDie       DetectFriendDie
sPlayerLeavingBorderRegion      You cannot go that way.
sCombatCannotActivate   You cannot use this while in combat.
sRSMForeheadColor       Forehead Color
sAddedNote      Note Added: %s
sChemsAddicted  You have become addicted to %s.
sNoWaitInCell   You cannot wait in this location.
sFailedActivation       This object cannot be activated right now.
sLockpickInsufficientPerks      You lack the required perk to pick this lock.
sMultipleDragonSoulCount        %i Dragon Souls
sMagicCastMultiCast     You cannot cast this spell while casting another
sMagicEffectItemPointsSingular  pt
sNewSave        [NEW SAVE]
sMouseSensitivity       Mouse Sensitivity
sMagicCastPowerUsed     You can only cast Powers once per day
sAbortText      Abort
sElven  ELVEN
sItem   Item
sInvalidPickpocket      You cannot place items in a container while pickpocketing.
sCanNotReadBook You cannot read a book while in combat.
sGeneralSubtitles       General Subtitles
sUse    Use
sPowers POWERS
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorsAgree    Agree
sHUDColor       HUD Color
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorsShow     Show
sSpeechChallengeSuccess [SUCCESS]
sNoFastTravelUndiscovered       You have not discovered this location yet.
sVATSMessageNoAmmo      You don't have enough ammo.
sRSMJawForward  Jaw Forward
sVideoChange    You must exit and restart Skyrim for the new resolution to take effect.
sMagicDeliveryAimed     Aimed
sMagicTypeLesserPower   Lesser Power
sRepairSkill    Repair Skill
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatHit      Hit
sRSMNameWarning Rename character.
sSaveGameOutOfDiskSpace The selected storage device does not have sufficient space available. Please select another storage device or delete some of your existing saved content.
sRSMNeckColor   Neck Color
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousExitBowZoomBreath ExitBowZoomBreath
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatAttack   Attack
sNoWaitHostileActorsNear        You cannot wait when enemies are nearby.
sRepairItem     Repair
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatBlock    Block
sNoSleepInAir   You cannot sleep in the air.
sActionPointsStand      Stand
sActionPointsToggleWeaponDrawn  Toggle Weapon Drawn
sMagicEffectResisted    %s is too powerful for %s.
sRSMHead        Head
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousEnterBowZoomBreath        EnterBowZoomBreath
sDone   Done
sRSMHairPresets Hair
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousGoodbye   Goodbye
sContainerStealChance   TO STEAL
sMagicEffectItemPointsPlural    pts
sMonthApril     Rains Hand
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousTimeToGo  TimeToGo
sExitGameAffirm Exit Game
sObjectInUse    This object is already in use by someone else.
sNo     No
sSneakAttack    Sneak Attack on
sFailShouting   You cannot change shouts while shouting.
sDayTuesday     Tirdas
sMakeDefaults   Make these your default settings?
sMagicDeliveryTouch     Contact
sKnownEffects   Known Effects
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousShootBow  ShootBow
sNoSleepTakingHealthDamage      You cannot sleep while taking health damage.
sJunk   Junk
sSeasonSummer   Summer
sDayMonday      Morndas
sJourneymanDisplayName  Journeyman
sRangeText      Range
sOpenWithKey    Unlocked with %s.
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousStandonFurniture  StandonFurniture
sRSMChinLength  Chin Length
sSpeechChallengeFailure [FAILED]
sHUDCompleted   Completed
sMagicTypeWortcraft     Wortcraft
sRSMChinColor   Chin Color
sArmorWeightHeavy       Heavy
sNoChargeItems  No items to charge enchantment
sFavorites      FAVORITES
sVDSGPlate      VDSG Plate
sRemoteActivation       This object is activated from somewhere else.
sButtonLocked   That button cannot be remapped
sRadioVolume    Radio
sCharGenControlsDisabled        Your hands are bound.
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousPlayerCastProjectileSpell PlayerCastProjectileSpell
sRefAttachNodeName      REF_ATTACH_NODE
sHolidayFirstPlanting   First Planting
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatVoicePowerEndLong        VoicePowerEndLong
sCanNotTrainAnymore     You have reached your training limit for your current level.
sDwarven        DWARVEN
sViewDistance   View Distance
sShoutAdded     Word of Power Learned
sRSMMouthTypes  Mouth Shape
sHolidayNorthWindsPrayer        North Wind's Prayer
sHealthDataPrefixWeap1  Fine
sHealthDataPrefixWeap2  Very Fine
sHairColor0     sHairColor0
sRSMFacialHairColorPresets      Facial Hair Color
sSexMale        male
sHealthDataPrefixWeap3  Extra Fine
sOpenedContainer        Opened the container with a key.
sCantEquipPowerArmor    Power armor training is required to equip this item.
sHairColor1     sHairColor1
sRSMFace        Face
sHolidaySouthWindsPrayer        South Wind's Prayer
sHealthDataPrefixWeap4  Super Fine
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatFlee     Flee
sNoWaitTrespass You cannot wait while trespassing.
sHairColor2     sHairColor2
sSneakDetected  [DETECTED]
sAccept Accept
sHealthDataPrefixWeap5  Super Duper Fine
sTopicSubtypeTextServiceRepairExit      RepairExit
sNoFastTravelHostileActorsNear  You cannot fast travel when enemies are nearby.
sSaveNotAvailable       No valid save game found.
sOf      of 
sHairColor3     sHairColor3
sHealthDataPrefixWeap6  Ultra Fine
sWeaponEnchantments     WEAPON ENCHANTMENTS
sAlreadyKnown   You already know
sHairColor4     sHairColor4
sBooks  BOOKS
sLevelProgress  Level Progress
sAutosaveAbbrev AUTO
sHairColor5     sHairColor5
sImpactParticleMetalDefault     Effects\ImpactBallisticMetal01.nif
sMagicEnchantmentTypeStaff      Staff
sAnimationCanNotUnequip You cannot change weapons while attacking.
sButton Button
sHairColor6     sHairColor6
sActionPointsReload     Reload
sHairColor7     sHairColor7
sPlaceMarkerUndiscovered        You have not discovered this location yet.[CRLF]Place marker?
sLackRequiredPerksToImprove     You lack the required perks to improve this item
sHairColor8     sHairColor8
sName   Name
sOk     Ok
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousActorCollidewithActor     ActorCollidewithActor
sJourneyman     Journeyman
sConfirmLoad    Load this game?
sSaveOnRest     Save On Rest
sHairColor9     sHairColor9
sTopicSubtypeTextDetectionNormalToAlert NormalToAlert
sLeather        LEATHER
sCleared        Cleared
sNoFastTravelAlarm      You cannot fast travel while guards are pursuing you.
sOwned  Owned
sStatsMustSelectPerk    You must select a perk.
sContinue       Continue
sOn     ON
sActivateCreatureCalmed The creature is calmed and cannot respond.
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatYield    Yield
sFootstepsVolume        Footstep
sRSMConfirmDestruction  Change preset and lose your changes?
sMagicCastCastWhileShouting     You cannot cast a spell while shouting
sMagicCastInsufficientMagicka   You don't have enough Magicka
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousSharedInfo        SharedInfo
sLoadingArea    Loading area...
sOr     OR
sPoisoned       You have been poisoned.
sEnableHelp     Enable Help
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorDialogueBribe     Bribe
sCursorFilename Interface\Icons\Misc\cursor.dds
sSexFemalePossessive    her
sTopicSubtypeTextServiceServiceRefusal  ServiceRefusal
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousLockedObject      LockedObject
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatBleedOut BleedOut
sArmorRating    Armor Rating
sFalmer FALMER
sActorFade      Actor Fade
sActivate       Activate
sKeys   KEYS
sMagicEffectItemDamage  Damage
sLostController The Xbox 360 Controller has been disconnected. Click OK to use the Keyboard/Mouse, or reconnect the Xbox 360 Controller and press the A Button.
sMagicEffectItemIn      in
sTimePM PM
sRemove Remove
sSmithingMenuDescription        Choose an item to improve
sSteal  Steal
sDisableXBoxController  360 Controller
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousZKeyObject        ZKeyObject
sTopicSubtypeTextServiceRechargeExit    RechargeExit
sUnlock Unlock
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatVoicePowerEndShort       VoicePowerEndShort
sConfirmSave    Overwrite this game?
sMenuDisplayDayString   Day
sBloodSplatterColor01OPTFilename        Textures\Gore\ScreenBloodColor01OPT.dds
sLackRequiredToImprove  You lack the required components to improve this item
sSaveGameDeviceError    There was an error accessing the device.  Please try again.
sHeavyArmorSink Your heavy armor is causing you to sink.
sSexMalePossessive      his
sSeasonFall     Fall
sMonthMarch     First Seed
sTopicSubtypeTextDetectionLostToCombat  LostToCombat
sFurnitureSleep Sleep
sTopicSubtypeTextDetectionAlertToNormal AlertToNormal
sMagicEffectNotApplied  %s is immune to %s.
sPoisonNoWeaponMessage  You must first equip a weapon to poison it.
sRSMCheekColor  Cheek Color
sMasterDisplayName      Master
sMenuDisplayXBoxSaveMessage     Saving content. Please don't turn off your console.
sRSMNoseColor   Nose Color
sEffectsListDisplayHours        hours
sMagicCastRangedUnderwater      You cannot cast ranged spells underwater
sNotEnoughVendorGold    Transaction value: %d gold.[CRLF]Vendor only has %d gold.
sHolidayWarriorsFestival        Warrior's Festival
sStormcloak     Stormcloak
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatMurderNC MurderNC
sDraugr DRAUGR
sServeSentenceQuestion  Do you want to serve your time in jail?
sNoItemsToRepair        No items to repair
sLockLevelNameHard      Hard
sRSMChinWidth   Chin Width
sBloodSplatterFlare01Filename   Textures\Effects\FXBloodFlare.dds
sNormal Normal
sNoSleepHostileActorsNear       You cannot sleep when enemies are nearby.
sTeammateCantGiveOutfit Your teammate already owns that armor.
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousPlayerShout       PlayerShout
sTopicSubtypeTextPlayerDialogueRumors   Rumors
sVatsSelect     Select
sNoWaitWhileAlarm       You cannot wait while guards are pursuing you.
sDisableHelp    Disable Help
sHelp   Help
sSoulLevelNamePetty     Petty
sAutoSavingLong Saving content. Please don't turn off your console.
sHeavyArmorNoJump       Your heavy armor prevents you from jumping.
sPipboyColor    Pip-Boy Color
sNone   None
sTimeMinutes    Minutes
sCantSaveNow    You cannot save right now.
sMenuDisplayPlayTime    Play Time
sIllusion       ILLUSION
sCrimeTypeTrespass      Trespass
sWaitHere       Wait Here
sNeutral        Neutral
sMagicTypePotion        Potion
sMonthJuly      Sun's Height
sInsufficientGoldToTrain        You have insufficient gold to train.
sPickpocket     Pickpocket
sNoTalkUnConscious       is unconscious.
sTopicSubtypeTextServiceRepair  Repair
sCrimeTypeMurder        Murder
sRadioSignalLost        %s signal lost.
sNoJumpWarning  You can not drop objects while in the air.
sTakeAll        Take All
sMagicTelekinesisNoRecast       You're already holding something.
sMagicEnchantmentTypeApparel    Apparel
sTopicSubtypeTextDetectionCombatToLost  CombatToLost
sNoLockPickIfCrimeAlert You can't pick a lock while being pursued by guards.
sRSMHairColorPresets    Hair Color
sEnchantMenuDescription Choose an item to destroy and learn its Enchantment, or combine an Item, Enchantment, and Soul Gem to create magic items
sRSMEyeColor    Eye Color
sLackRequiredToCreate   You lack the required components to create this item
sYesText        Yes
sSaveSuccessful Save successful.
sTextureSize    Texture Size
sLow    Low
sOrcish ORCISH
sConstructibleMenuDescription   Choose an item to create
sSoulCaptured   You have captured a soul!
sBloodSplatterAlpha01OPTFilename        Textures\Gore\ScreenBloodAlpha01OPT.dds
sImpossibleLock This lock cannot be picked. It requires a key to open.
sMainMenu       Main Menu
sMagicEffectItemDrain   Drain
sMagnitudeIsLevelText   Target Level
sVatsAiming     Aiming
sValue  Value
sMagicEffectItemFortify Fortify
sTopicSubtypeTextDetectionAlertIdle     AlertIdle
sPronounRefMale himself
sShouts SHOUTS
sSkillsTitle    SKILLS:  %d/%d Selected
sExplosionSplashParticles       Effects\ExplosionSplash.NIF
sClose  Close
sAlchemy        Alchemy
sHolidayMerchantsFestival       Merchant's Festival
sTopicSubtypeTextServiceTrainingExit    TrainingExit
sRewardXP       Experience Points Earned
sRSMHeadPresets Presets
sChemsWornOff   %s has worn off.
sNoSleepWarnToLeave     You cannot sleep while being asked to leave.
sQuitEnchanting Quit enchanting?
sActiveEffects  ACTIVE EFFECTS
sMagicEnchantmentTypeScroll     Scroll
sPlayTime       Play Time
sPrisoner       Prisoner
sIngredients    INGREDIENTS
sStatsNextRank  Next Rank:
sSexMalePronoun he
sTopicSubtypeTextDetectionNormalToCombat        NormalToCombat
sRewardXPIcon   Interface\Shared\Messages\glow_XP_Gain.dds
sNoDeviceSelected       You have not selected a storage device.  You will need to select one before you can save.  Until then, Autosave is disabled.
sSoulLevelNameLesser    Lesser
sActionPointsCrouch     Crouch
sKeyLocked      That key cannot be remapped
sMagicSchoolAlteration  Alteration
sStealHorse     Do you want to steal this horse?
sDiscoveredIngredientEffectEating       %s discovered from %s
sHUDDamage      DAMAGE
sArmorWeightLight       Light
sDamage Damage
sStudded        STUDDED
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorDialogueCustom    Custom
sBountyStatString       %s Bounty
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorDialogueFlatter   Flatter
sCantEquipGeneric       You cannot equip this item.
sWeight Weight
sLarge  Large
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorDialogueFollow    Follow
sMagicDeliveryTargetActor       Target Actor
sPronounMale    he
sPoisonAlreadyPoisonedMessage   The current weapon is already poisoned.
sMapMarkerAdded Map marker added.
sSaveGameOldVersion     SAVE OBSOLETE
sMenuDisplaySave        Save
sTopicSubtypeTextMiscellaneousPickpocketTopic   PickpocketTopic
sTeammateCantTakeOutfit You can't take your teammate's starting armor.
sYesRestart     Yes, restart the game.
sConfirmNew     Start a new game?
sSoulLevelNameGreater   Greater
sLockLevelNameVeryHard  Very Hard
sRSMLipColor    Lip Color
sPlayerSetMarkerName    Custom Destination
sMagicTypeAddiction     Addiction
sSaveGameIsCorrupt      The save game is corrupt.  Returning to game.
sNoSleepWhileAlarm      You cannot sleep while guards are pursuing you.
sHold   Hold
sMagicTypePower Power
sExpertDisplayName      Expert
sPronounIntMale himself
sMonthJune      Mid Year
sNoSitOnOwnedFurniture  You cannot sit on owned furniture.
sRSMComplexionColor     Complexion Color
sSelect Select
sDefaultCellName        Wilderness
sNoFastTravelScriptBlock        Fast travel is currently unavaliable from this location.
sFood   FOOD
sConfirmContinue        Continue from your last saved game?
sTraitsCount    Choose up to %d Trait
sPronounFemale  she
sMagnitudeText  Magnitude
sEquipItemOnPlayer      was equipped
sMagicGuideNoMarker     You must have an active quest or have placed a marker on the map.
sDungeonCleared Dungeon Cleared!
sLoadingContentMessage  Loading extra content. Please wait.
sMenuDisplayShortXBoxSaveMessage        Saving...
sCameraPitch    Invert Y
sAttributesCount        Distribute %d Point
sMagicProjectileTypeSpray       Spray
sMagicTypeLevelled      Levelled Spell
sIgnoreText     Ignore
sEnchantItem    Enchant item?
sDurationText   Duration
sAutoLoading    Autoloading...
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorDialogueIntimidate        Intimidate
sRSMNoseTypes   Nose Type
sHolidayTalesAndTallows Tales and Tallows
sDaySaturday    Loredas
sBloodTextureDefault    Effects\blooddecal.dds
sLoadingLOD     Loading distant LOD...
sCantRepairPastMax      CANNOT REPAIR PAST %.0f%s
sRSMNoseHeight  Nose Height
sSoulGems       SOUL GEMS
sMagicDeliveryTargetLocation    Target Location
sTopicSubtypeTextFavorsMoralRefusal     MoralRefusal
sTopicSubtypeTextCombatWereTransformCrime       WereTransformCrime
sIron   IRON
sVatsTarget     Target
sRSMEyeWidth    Eye Width
sFailSpendSoul  Use Dragon Souls to unlock shouts.
sCreatedPoisonNamePrefix        Poison of 
sMonthNovember  Sun's Dusk
sQuickSaving    Quicksaving...
sRequirements   Requirements
sSaveOnTravel   Save On Travel
sHide   HIDE
sBrightness     Brightness
sRSMSex Sex
sInaccessible   [INACCESSIBLE]
sRSMChinForward Chin Forward
sStealFrom      Steal from
sMagicDeliverySelf      Self
sEnchantInsufficientCharge      Insufficient charge for enchantment
sRSMLaughLines  Laugh Lines
sSplashParticles        Effects\waterSplash.NIF
sAttributeDamaged       has been damaged
sAutoSaveDisabledDueToLackOfSpace       Save location full. Disabling Autosave.
sRSMNoseLength  Nose Length
sSneakCaution   [CAUTION]