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GMST records contain Game Settings.

Note: within Skyrim.esm, there is one GMST record with FormID 0123C00E, which is not a valid FormID. It is unclear what effect this has on the game.

C Field Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorID zstring
+ DATA value Value


Value type depends on the first character of the EditorID.

Tag Name Type/Size Info
b boolean uint32 Boolean
i int uint32 Value for the game setting
f float float Value for the game setting
s string lstring Localization String

Default Settings[edit]

Although there are a large number of hard-coded default settings in the game and Creation Kit code, not all of these are used. For those that are used, their values can be overwritten from within the Creation Kit. See the default GMST list for a list of those that Skyrim.esm uses. There is currently no way of creating new Game Settings within the Creation Kit.