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FURN records contain information on furniture.

Record header flags:

0x00010000 : Random Animation Start
0x00800000 : Is Marker
0x10000000 : Must Exit to Talk CK sets flag here and in MNAM
0x20000000 : Child Can Use
C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
- VMAD script info VMAD Script info
+ OBND object bounds OBND Object Bounds
- FULL full lstring Full (in-game) id
- MODL model MODL Includes Fields MODT, MODS
- DEST destruction data DEST Includes Fields DSTD, DSTF
- KSIZ keyword count KSIZ Keyword count
- KYWD keywords KYWD KYWD[]
+ PNAM unknown uint32 4 bytes, 0 or 00334ccc seen
+ FNAM flags uint16 Flags
0x02 : Ignored by Sandbox
- KNAM interaction keyword formID KYWD formid
+ MNAM flags uint32
0x00ffffff : Flags that indicate which of the model markers are active (i.e., 0x01 = first marker is active)
0x02000000 : Disables Activation
0x04000000 : Is Perch
0x08000000 : Must Exit to Talk
0x40000000 : ?
0x80000000 : ?
+ WBDT workbench data struct 2 bytes
uint8 Workbench One of 8 hard coded types
0 : None
1 : Create Object
2 : Smithing Weapon
3 : Enchanting
4 : Enchanting Experiment
5 : Alchemy
6 : Alchemy Experiment
7 : Smithing Armor
uint8 ActorValue Skill for using the workbench (one of 18 AV or 0xFF for none)
- XMRK marker model MODL Model filename
- NAM1 unknown formID Spell associated with item?
* ENAM unknown uint32 marker index, optionally for each marker, followed by optional fields NAM0, FNMK
* NAM0 unknown struct
uint16 unknown - usually 0x0000, but 0x0002 seen too
uint16 flags - inactive marker entry points those show no checkmark
0x01 Front
0x02 Behind
0x04 Right
0x08 Left
0x10 Up
* FNMK marker keyword formID KYWD formID
* FNPR marker struct one for each marker
uint16 flags marker type, exactly one is set
0x01 Sit
0x02 Sleep
0x04 UNKNOWN displayed thus in CK, seems to be "leaning"
uint16 flags marker entry point
0x01 Front
0x02 Behind
0x04 Right
0x08 Left
0x10 Up