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Faction Information

C V Field Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorID zstring Faction name
- FULL name lstring Full name
* XNAM Interfaction Relations struct
formid - Faction
int32 - Mod (appears to be unused - no longer editable in CK and only non-zero for CWDisaffectedSoldierFaction (0004BB3F))
int32 - Combat
0 - Neutral
1 - Enemy
2 - Ally
3 - Friend
+ DATA flags uint32 Flags
0x1 - Hidden from PC
0x2 - Special Combat
0x40 - Track Crime
0x80 - Ignore Murder
0x100 - Ignore Assault
0x200 - Ignore Stealing
0x400 - Ignore Trespass
0x800 - Do not report crimes against members
0x1000 - Crime Gold, Use Defaults
0x2000 - Ignore Pickpocket
0x4000 - Vendor
0x8000 - Can Be Owner
0x10000 - Ignore Werewolf
- JAIL Prison Marker formid REFR formid - The exterior jail marker for the faction's prison.
- WAIT Follower Wait Marker formid REFR formid - Marker the player's followers are assigned to wait at.
- STOL Evidence Chest formid REFR formid - Stolen goods are stored in this chest.
- PLCN Player Belongings Chest formid REFR formid - Player's inventory is stored in this chest.
- CRGR Crime Group formid Crime Factions List (FLST)
- JOUT Jail Outfit formid OTFT formid - Jail outfit the player is given.
- CRVA Crime Gold struct[12/16/20] Size varies in record versions 30 and below, additional fields are those at the end of the structure. Seems to be required normally, but one record, MS08AlikrFaction (000215D3) in Skyrim.esm, doesn't have one.
uint8 - 1 = Arrest
uint8 - 1 = Attack on Sight
uint16 - Murder
uint16 - Assault
uint16 - Trespass
uint16 - Pickpocket
uint16 - Unused (usually 0, but not always, changing data has no effect in CK)
float - Steal Mult.
uint16 - Escape
uint16 - Werewolf
* Ranks Rank[] Listing of ranks, if any, and their names.
+ RNAM Rank ID uint32 Rank ID
- MNAM Male Rank Title lstring Male title
- FNAM Female Rank Title lstring Female title
- VEND Vendor List formid Merchandise list (FLST)
- VENC Vendor Chest formid Reference to vendor chest (REFR)
- 29+ VENV struct[12] All 0s unless vendor; always present in record versions 29 and above, never present in record versions 28 and below
uint16 - Start hour
uint16 - End hour
uint32 - Radius
uint8 - 1 = Buys stolen items (wording in CK is misleading)
uint8 - 1 = NOT sell/buy (causes vendor to buy/sell everything except what's in the Vendor List)
uint16 - Unused
- PLVD struct[12] Where to sell goods
uint32 - Specification type
0 - Near Reference, REFR formID follows
1 - In Cell, CELL formID follows
2 - Near Package Start Location not used in original files
3 - Near Editor Location
6 - Linked Reference, KWYD formID follows not used in original files
12 - Near Self
formID - meaning depends on previous int
uint32 - Unused
- CTDA CTDA Conditions, with leading CITC field. Vendor will only buy/sell when these conditions are met.

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