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Internally, all alchemy items (food, drinks, potions, and poisons), enchantments, ingredients, scrolls and spells derive from the same object, MagicItem, and thus share a similar structure.


  • Charge Time: The longest Casting Time of all of the effects.
  • Ench Amount: The total of all effect costs.
  • Enchantment Cost: The total of all effect costs.

The CK displays the sum of rounded down costs, while the game uses the exact sum to determine the enchantment cost.

Ench Amount and Enchantment Cost will only ever differ if auto-calc is turned off.

C Field Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID EditorID zstring Max 0x200 bytes, including null terminator.
+ OBND ObjectBounds OBND Always 12 bytes even if all 0s
- FULL FullName lstring Full (in-game) name
+ ENIT EnchantedItem struct 36 bytes (Version 37 has 32 bytes, omits the last formid for non-base)
uint32 - Enchantment Cost
uint32 - Flags
0x01 - ManualCalc
0x04 - ExtendDurationOnRecast
uint32 - CastType
0x00 - Constant Effect
0x01 - Fire and Forget
0x02 - Concentration
uint32 - Ench Amount - Fully charged value (same if no charges)
uint32 - Delivery
0x00 - Self
0x01 - Touch
0x02 - Aimed
0x03 - Target Actor
0x04 - Target Location
uint32 - EnchantType
0x06 = Enchantment
0x0C = Staff Enchantment
float - Charge Time, typically 0.5-1 where used
formid - Base Enchantment (cannot be disenchanted if no base enchantment)
formid - Worn Restrictions - FLST of enchantable slots (only base enchantments)
* Effects Effect[] One entry per effect.
+ EFID EffectID formid Magic Effect MGEF
+ EFIT EffectItem struct 12 bytes
float Magnitude
uint32 Area of Effect
uint32 Duration (0 = instant)

For auto-calc purposes, the game calculates the cost of an effect as:

effect_base_cost * (Magnitude * Duration / 10) ^ 1.1

A Magnitude < 1 is treated as 1, and a Duration of 0 as 10. Any additional taper duration is not figured into the calculation.

* CTDA Conditions CTDA Conditions on the effect.