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A DLVW represents a Dialogue "View", a flowchart-like representation of existing dialogues. A Dialogue View is strictly a UI for the purposes of creating and editing dialogues.

C Field Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID Editor ID zstring
+ QNAM Parent Quest formid The QUST to which this Dialogue View belongs.
* BNAM Branches formid Reference to the DLBR (Dialogue Branches) used in this view. A view with branches appears to exclude it having topics.
* TNAM Topics formid References to the DIAL (Dialogue Topics) used in this view. A view with topics appears to exclude it having branches.
- ENAM Unknown uint32 0 for views with branches; 7 for views with topics.
- DNAM Show All Text byte Indicates whether or not Show All Text is selected in the CK.