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A DIAL record defines a dialogue topic. The DIAL record is followed by a GRUP containing the responses (INFO subrecords).

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
- EDID EditorId zstring Editor ID
- FULL Player Dialogue dlstring Player dialogue.
+ PNAM Priority float Priority
- BNAM Branch formID DLBR (Dialogue Branch) formid.
+ QNAM Quest formID QUST formid.
+ DATA Unknown bool Only seen on CUST and SCEN dialog records.
Custom: Unknown.
Scene: Do All Before Repeating.
Dialogue Tab uint8 Quest dialogue tab (some discrepancies from internal CK data, probably unused).
0 = Player Dialogue
1 = Favor Dialogue
2 = Scenes
3 = Combat
4 = Favors
5 = Detection
6 = Service
7 = Misc
Subtype ID uint8 Subtype ID (roughly unique to each subtype, some discrepancies from internal CK data, probably unused).
Unused uint8 Always 0.
+ SNAM Subtype char[4] Dialogue subtype:

ACAC: ActorCollidewithActor
ACYI: AcceptYield
AGRE: Agree
ALIL: AlertIdle
ALKL: AllyKilled
ALTC: AlertToCombat
ALTN: AlertToNormal
ASKF: AskFavor
ASKG: AskGift
ASNC: AssaultNC
ASSA: Assault
ATCK: Attack
AVTH: AvoidThreat
BAEX: BarterExit
BASH: Bash
BLED: BleedOut
BLOC: Block
BREA: EnterSprintBreath
BRIB: Bribe
COLO: CombatToLost
COTN: CombatToNormal
CUST: Custom
DEOB: DestroyObject
DETH: Death
DFDA: DetectFriendDie
ENBZ: EnterBowZoomBreath

EXBZ: ExitBowZoomBreath
FAVO: Favor
FEXT: ExitFavorState
FIWE: ShootBow
FLAT: Flatter
FLEE: Flee
FMAT: FlyingMountAcceptTarget
FMDR: FlyingMountDestinationReached
FMLX: FlyingMountLand
FMNT: FlyingMountNoTarget
FMRT: FlyingMountRejectTarget
FMXL: FlyingMountCancelLand
FOLL: Follow
FRJT: Reject
FVDL: Custom
GBYE: Goodbye
GIFF: Gift
GRNT: CombatGrunt
GRST: GroupStrategy
HELO: Hello
HIT_: Hit
IDAT: SharedInfo
IDLE: Idle
INTI: Intimidate
JUMP: Jump
KNOO: KnockOverObject

LOIL: LostIdle
LOOB: LockedObject
LOTC: LostToCombat
LOTN: LostToNormal
LWBS: LeaveWaterBreath
MREF: MoralRefusal
MUNC: MurderNC
MURD: Murder
NOTA: NormalToAlert
NOTC: NormalToCombat
NOTI: NoticeCorpse
OBCO: ObserveCombat
OUTB: OutofBreath
PCPS: PlayerCastProjectileSpell
PCSH: PlayerShout
PCSS: PlayerCastSelfSpell
PFGT: ForceGreet
PICC: PickpocketCombat
PICN: PickpocketNC
PICT: PickpocketTopic
PIRN: PlayerinIronSights
POAT: PowerAttack
PURS: PursueIdleTopic
RCEX: RechargeExit
RECH: Recharge
REEX: RepairExit

REFU: Refuse
REPA: Repair
RUMO: Rumors
SCEN: Scene: Dialogue Action
SERU: ServiceRefusal
SHOW: Show
SHRE: ShowRelationships
STEA: Steal
STFN: StealFromNC
STOF: StandonFurniture
SWMW: SwingMeleeWeapon
TAUT: Taunt
TITG: TimeToGo
TRAI: Training
TRAN: TrespassAgainstNC
TRAV: Travel
TRES: Trespass
TREX: TrainingExit
VPEL: VoicePowerEndLong
VPES: VoicePowerEndShort
VPSL: VoicePowerStartLong
VPSS: VoicePowerStartShort
WTCR: WereTransformCrime
YIEL: Yield
ZKEY: ZKeyObject

+ TIFC Info Count uint32 count of topic INFO subrecords