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CSTY records contain information on combat styles.

Some fields may not be present at all or shorter. For this cases the default numbers shown in th CK are documented here. Note there is one record called 'TestDefensiveStyle' which uses an unknown field 'CSMD' and almost none of the others.

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
+ CSGD general float[] 2, 8 or 10 floats †
Offensive Mult
Defensive Mult
Group Offensive Mult (default 1.0)
Melee Equipment Mult (default 1.0)
Magic Equipment Mult (default 1.0)
Ranged Equipment Mult (default 1.0)
Shout Equipment Mult (default 1.0)
Unarmed Mult (default 1.0)
Staff Equipment Mult (default 1.0)
Avoid Threat Chance (default 0.2)
- CSME melee float[] 7 or 8 floats †
Attack Staggered Mult (default 1.0)
Power Attack Staggered Mult (default 1.0)
Power Attack Blocking Mult (default 1.0)
Bash Mult (default 1.0)
Bash Recoiled Mult (default 1.0)
Bash Attack Mult (default 1.0)
Bash Power Attack Mult (default 1.0)
Special Attack Mult (default 0.1)
- CSCR close range float[] 2 or 4 floats †
Dueling Circle Mult (default 0.2)
Dueling Fallback Mult (default 0.2)
Flank Distance (default 0.2)
Flanking Stalk Time (default 0.2)
- CSLR long range float Strafe Mult (default 0.2)
- CSFL flight float[] 1 to 8 floats †
Hover Chance (default 0.5)
Dive Bomb Chance (default 1.0)
Ground Attack Chance (default 0.5)
Hover Time (default 0.5)
Ground Attack Time (default 0.5)
Perch Attack Chance (default 0.5)
Perch Attack Time (default 0.5)
Flying Attack Chance (default 0.75)
- DATA flags uint32 Flags, exactly one of either Dueling or Flanking is always set
0x1 Dueling
0x2 Flanking
0x4 Allow Dual Wielding

† These floats are rounded strangely by the CK. CK displayed numbers can be off by as much as 0.05 compared to the floats stored in the game data. After changing some other number in the form and saving, the numbers found in the game data are changed and agree with the numbers shown in the CK.