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COLL records are "collision layers". A collision layer is essentially an invisible box around/near NPCs/objects/camera, indicating different kinds of checks if they collide with other boxes.

If a box of type A collides with a box of type B, and the formid of A is in the CNAM field of type B then some kind of action is triggered.

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
+ DESC unknown lstring Description (presumably for CK)
+ BNAM unique id? uint32 Unique id (within COLL), may be used instead of FormID to reference internally
+ FNAM debug color rgb Debug Color
+ GNAM flags uint32 Flags
0x01 - Trigger Volume
0x02 - Sensor
0x04 - Navmesh Obstacle
+ MNAM name zstring Name, always same as EDID
+ INTV interactables count uint32 Count of interactions in CNAM (if 0 then no CNAM field)
- CNAM interactables formid[] Collides with..., End-to-end COLL formids, total count INTV. Presumably these are to indicate if the 2 collide there is something to check/do.