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BPTD records contain body part data. Each record has base model information followed by a group of fields for each body part, which is repeated for each body part beyond the first (below the thick line).

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
- MODL model MODL Includes Fields MODB, MODT, MODS, MODD
+ BPTN body part name lstring Body part name (eg 'head').
+ BPNN body part node name zstring Body part node name it attaches to
+ BPNT body part node title zstring Body part node title (usually same as BPNN but not always)
+ BPNI body part node info zstring Usually a path to a .nif but can be blank or a value like '[body]'
+ BPND body part node data struct 84 Byte Struct
Float - Damage Mult
uint8 - Flags
IK Data
IK Data - Biped Data
IK Data - Is Head
IK Data - Headtracking
To Hit Chance - Absolute
uint8 - Part Type (Lookup)
Fly Grab
uint8 - Health Percent
sint8 - Actor Value (Actor Values)
uint8 - To Hit Chance
uint8 - Explodable - Explosion Chance %
uint16 - Explodable - Debris Count
FormID - Explodable - Debris DEBR
FormID - Explodable - Explosion EXPL
Float - Tracking Max Angle
Float - Explodable - Debris Scale
sint32 - Severable - Debris Count
FormID - Severable - Debris DEBR
FormID - Severable - Explosion EXPL
Float - Severable - Debris Scale
Struct - Gore Effects Positioning
Float - X
Float - Y
Float - Z
Float - X
Float - Y
Float - Z
FormIDCk - Severable - Impact DataSet IPDS
FormIDCk - Explodable - Impact DataSet IPDS
uint8 - Severable - Decal Count
uint8 Explodable - Decal Count
uint16 - 'Unknown'
Float - Limb Replacement Scale
+ NAM1 Limb Replacement Model zstring Limb Replacement Model
+ NAM4 Gore Effects zstring Gore Effects - Target Bone
+ NAM5 Hashes Array Texture Files Hashes
- RAGA Ragdoll FormID RGDL