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The AVIF record is Actor Value information.

Most records are simple but the player skills have perk tree graphical information in them as well in field groups (below thick line repeats for each index).

CNAM is listed twice because it means something per group record and also at an individual record level (if no perk groupings). On the perk level, it is the INAM of the perk it connects to in the perk tree (line to). For example, Bullseye (INAM 7) in the Archery tree requires Quickshot OR Ranger, therefore both of those field groups have a CNAM field of 7.

Note: Smithing and Pickpocket are different because the initial CNAM does not match up (Pickpocket would start at Cutpurse) and the AVSK has different data throughout. It's possible the record-level CNAM has a different meaning than assumed.

Perk tree information:

  • This does not change prerequisites. Individual PERK records have CTDA for perk requirements that allow you to skip perks if removed.
  • 5 coordinates are given for each point along with any lines to other points.
C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
- FULL name lstring Full (in-game) name
+ DESC description lstring
- ANAM abbreviation zstring Only present on 1Hand/2Hand AV records
+ CNAM data uint32 See below, if it has a perk tree: Skill category:
0 - None
1 - Combat
2 - Magic
3 - Stealth

if it's not then has large 4byte info (probably what is in the first 4 bytes of AVSK)

- AVSK av data? float[4] Only present for skills with groupings.
Skill Use Mult.
Skill Use Offset
Skill Improve Mult.
Skill Improve Offset
* perk tree Perk Sections[] See below.

Perk Sections[edit]

C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ PNAM perk formid PERK formid, or 0 for the first
+ FNAM flag? dword Most common values are 1 and 0. First perk of a tree has usually huge values.
+ XNAM x-coord dword X Coordinate within the Perk-Grid
+ YNAM y-coord dword Y Coordinate within the Perk-Grid
+ HNAM horizontal position float Horizontal position of the Skill within the already via xnam/ynam set grid.
+ VNAM vertical position float Vertical position of the Skill within the already via xnam/ynam set grid.
+ SNAM skill formid AVIF formid, same one as parent usually. Present whether or not CNAM is.
* CNAM connecting line uint32 ID (INAM field) of destination perk for each line coming from box, can be 0 or multiple
+ INAM index number uint32 unique id for the perk box, not necessarily sequential