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An ARMO record is an individual equippable piece, the most obvious of which is armor but includes shields, jewelry, clothing.

Models as they exist here are specifically referring to ground and inventory models, ARMA models cover worn.

If MOD4 is not present, MOD2 is used for female characters instead.

C V Field Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorID zstring Max ::0x200 bytes, including null terminator.
- VMAD scripting info VMAD scripting
- OBND object bounds OBND Always 12 bytes, even if all 0s
- FULL full name lstring Full (in-game) name
- EITM enchantment formid Enchanment (ENCH). Note there can be only 1 of these.
- EAMT Enchantment Amount uint16 Enchantment Amount
- MODL model MODL Includes Fields MODB, MODT, MODS, MODD
+ MOD2 male model zstring Male Models\ relative .nif
- MO2T model data struct (MODT)
- MO2S alternate textures Alternate Textures Used when overriding textures in a nif file with texture sets
- ICON Inventory Image zstring Inventory Image Filename
- MICO Message Image zstring Message Image Filename
- MOD4 female model zstring Female Models\ relative .nif
- MO4T model data struct (MODT)
- MO4S alternate textures Alternate Textures Used when overriding textures in a nif file with texture sets
- ICO2 Inventory Image zstring Female Inventory Image Filename
- MIC2 Message Image zstring Female Message Image Filename
+ BODT Body Template BODT 8- or 12-byte struct Body Template
+ 1.6.91 BOD2 Body Template BOD2 8-byte struct Body Template
- DEST destruction data DEST Includes Fields DSTD, DMDL, DMDT, DMDS
+ YNAM pickupSound formid Sound(SNDR) played when picked up
+ ZNAM dropSound formid Sound(SNDR) played when dropped
- BMCT Ragdoll string Ragdoll Constraint Template, not found in original (PC) datafiles
- ETYP equip slot formid EQUP (only shields)
- BIDS bash impact data set formid IPDS (only shields)
- BAMT bash material formid MATT (only shields)
+ RNAM unknown formID RACE (0x19 DefaultRace for most except race-specific skins)
- KSIZ KSIZ uint32 keyword count
+ DESC description lstring Usually 0 unless the enchantment isn't standard like Archmage Robes.
* MODL armature (model) formid Armature ARMA formid. Required, can use more than 1 either as options (race options) or to cover multiple slots.
+ DATA data struct 8-byte struct
uint32 Base value
float Weight
+ DNAM armor rating uint32 Base armor rating * 100. (Note: despite being a uint32, only the lower uint16 is used.)
- TNAM template formID Points to another ARMO record to use as a template

The skill in the BODT/BOD2 field determines which skill gets xp added on hits. A higher level in that skill also increases the armor rating. If skill is "None", any value in the DNAM field is ignored and the armor rating is 0 (is that true for NPCs too?).

For unenchanted armor the gold value is found in DATA.Value - called base_value in the following. For enchanted armor the CK shows only the base_value, but that's not what's used ingame:

 gold_value = base_value + [enchantment_cost + 0.5]