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ACTI records contain information on activators, which seem to be of 2 main types:

  • Actual objects with models (and/or destruction information)
  • Simple triggers with nothing more than a name and VMAD information.

This seems to be an older alternative to FLOR/TREE as most of the harvestables are in those 2 record types but there are several functional types here as well such as Nirnroot.

Record header flags:

NavMesh Import Options (at most one is set - defaults to Collision Geometry)

0x04000000 : Filter
0x08000000 : Bounding Box
0x40000000 : Ground

Flags not related to the NavMesh

0x00000040 : Has Tree LOD
0x00000100 : Must Update Anims
0x00000200 : not On Local Map
0x00010000 : Random Animation Start
0x00020000 : Dangerous. Automatically set when Ignore Object Interaction. Otherwise it can not be set independently.
0x00100000 : Ignore Object Interaction. Sets Dangerous Automatically.
0x00800000 : Is Marker
0x02000000 : Obstacle
0x20000000 : Child Can Use
0x???????? : Has Platform/Language Specific Textures. Not set in original files, can't be set via CK.
C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
+ EDID editorId zstring Editor id
- VMAD script data VMAD Script Data
+ OBND object bounds OBND Always 12 bytes, even if all 0s
- FULL ingame name lstring Full (in-game) name
- MODL model MODL Includes Fields MODB, MODT, MODS, MODD
- DEST destruction data DEST Includes Fields DSTD, DMDL, DMDT, DMDS, DSTF
- KSIZ count uint32 Number of formids in the following KWDA subrecord
- KWDA keywords formID Formid array of keywords
- PNAM Marker Color rgb Default Primitive Color
Unused - always 0x00
- SNAM Sound - Looping formID FormID of SNDR nirnroot has the wow-wow sound here
- VNAM Sound - Activation formID FormID of SNDR when activated
- WNAM water formID WATR rare
- RNAM verb string lstring Activate Text Override - custom "verb" seen ingame, e.g. 'Mine', 'Place'
- FNAM flags uint16 There are only two flags here. The rest appear in the header.
0x01 = No Displacement (Associated with Water Type)
0x02 = Ignored by Sandbox
- KNAM keyword formID KYWD formID for interaction purposes