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ACHR records hold information about 'Actors'. This is a specific NPC at a specific location potentially at a specific time (triggered by scripts or otherwise) doing a specific thing at a specified static marker, additionally with optional data like reference types.

For all NPCs, it is the ACHR formID that you are using when you moveto player etc.

Record header flags:

0x200 - Starts Dead
0x400 - Persistent Reference (? not shown in the CK)
0x800 - Initially Disabled
0x2000000 - No AI Acquire
0x10000000 - Reflected By Auto Water
0x20000000 - Don't Havok Settle
C SubRecord Name Type/Size Info
- EDID Editor ID zstring Editor ID
- VMAD Scripting VMAD Scripting info
+ NAME Base NPC formid Base NPC_
- XEZN encounterzone formid ECZN
XPRD, XPPA, INAM, and PDTO are all part of Patrol Data in ACHR records (appears in only 7 records in Skyrim.esm), see REFR for details.
- XPRD Patrol Idle float
- XPPA unknown 0-length
- INAM unknown formid
- PDTO Topic Data struct When Type is a 'Topic Ref' or 0 then 'Topic Subtype' is a FormID otherwise it's a 4 char string
uint32 - Type
0 = Topic Ref
1 = Topic Subtype
formid/4 Char String - Data/Subtype
- XRGD ragdoll? struct large struct, seems to be coords - sets of 3 or 6 floats followed by a uint32
- XRGB unknown struct 12-byte struct, appears to be 3 floats
- XLCM leveled creature data uint32 Level Modifier:
0 - Easy
1 - Medium
2 - Hard
3 - VeryHard
- XAPD activation parent flags ubyte 0x01 - Parent Activate Only
- XAPR activate parent struct 8-byte struct
formid - REFR usually to a STAT
float - Delay
* XLRT location ref type formid LCRT
- XHOR horseid formid incredibly rare
- XESP enable parent struct 8-byte struct
formid - Parent reference (Object to take enable state from)
uint32 - Flags
0x0001 = Set Enable State to Opposite of Parent
0x0002 = Pop In
- XOWN owner formid usually FACT but horse/dog has NPC_
- XLCN location formid LCTN
- XLKR location route? struct 8-byte struct
formid 0 or KYWD (usually LinkCarryStart/End)
formid REFR usually to a STAT (FURN also)
- XIS2 not found in .esms, zero length, present if "Ignored By Sandbox" is checked
- XLRL formid LCTN, not found in .esms, added by CK 1.8 when edited
- XSCL scale float very rare
+ DATA coords struct 24 byte (rotation in radians)
X - float
Y - float
Z - float
rX - float
rY - float
rZ - float