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Answer Metellus's Plea.
Quest Giver: Opening the Lakehouse's Strange Door
Location(s): The Forgotten City
Reward: None
ID: 000FCQuest02
Added by: TES5Mod:The Forgotten City

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Metellus

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The quest begins as you exit the Lakehouse and enter the brightly-lit Forgotten City.As you cross the bridge to enter it, Gulvar accosts you.

"You there! Where did you come from?"
I've just arrived.

You can, instead of talking to him, evade him, eliciting a rushed version of his advice: "Well if you don't want to talk to me, at least go and see Jarl Metellus up on the top floor of the Citadel! And see Brol if you have any questions."

"Strange. It looked like you came out of the Jarl's private lakehouse."
I got lost. (Lie)
"Yeah, well... just make sure you don't 'get lost' in anyone else's home. Live by our laws here, and we'll all get along just fine."
I did. There was a time portal in there, which brought me here from the future.
"A what? Oh I see, you're a little bit crazy. Well, you're in good company here, my friend. Lots of us weren't thinking straight when we arrived."
Seriously, what is today's date?
"It's the first day of Last Seed, I believe."
What year?
"I guess you hit your head pretty hard coming down the shaft, huh? It's the hundred and ninety fourth year of the Fourth Era, of course.
Look, you seem a little... you know... so I'll make this nice and simple for you: Live by our laws, and we'll all get along just fine."
Your laws?
"Don't hurt anyone, don't steal anything. Same as anywhere else. Only the punishment here is much, much worse...
The Jarl can tell you more, and help you get settled in. Might even have some quarters for you. I can take you to him, if you like."
Alright, let's go
No thanks. I'll make my own way.
"Suit yourself. You'll find him at the top of the Citadel - he's got the whole floor to himself, and his daughter.
And if you have any questions about this place I'd talk to Brol the Scholar. Seems to know a lot, about a lot of things. See you around!"

If this is not the first time you have emerged from the Lakehouse, you will have another conversation option available to you:

You know, we've had this conversation before...
"What are you talking about? I've never met you."
Yes you have. You're going to offer to escort me to see Jarl Metellus.
"I... uh...
You're right. I was. How could you possibly have known that?"
'I'm a time traveller. Now, if you'll excuse me..."
"Is that... some kind of sorcerer? Uh... well... I don't want any trouble... let me get out of your way... and let's forget this happened, shall we?"
You're right. My mistake. (Lie)
"Um... you're a strange one, aren't you? Now, are you going to tell me why it looked like you just came out of the Jarl's private lakehouse?"
I got lost. (Lie.)
I did. There was a time portal in there, which brought me here from the future.

Accepting Gulvar's guidance to the Citadel will result in the receipt of a tour, which will begin with a description of the area in which you exited: "So, this is our farmland, where we grow all the food you'll ever want. As long as all you ever want is leek, cabbage and potato."

"If you have goods, the merchants at the market up ahead will be happy to see you. Most of us have few belongings - just what we brought in with us."

As you leave the farmland, Ysmar and Gulvar will have a short exchange:

Ysmar: "Morning, Gulvar!"
Gulvar: "Morning, Ysmar."

The tour will then resume with "Above us is the 'sun under the ground'. It's strange, and no substitute for the real sun, of course, but... these days it doesn't bother me."

"What bothers me is the Citadel folk. Take Hjormund, for example, standing up there on his balcony. Looking down on us..."
"Just look at him. Yeah, Hjormund, you're a real big man, aren't you? Pfft. Milk drinker."

As you and Gulvar pass Rastasia, she'll say "Aren't you going to introduce me to your strapping new friend, Gulvar?"

Gulvar will deny her request, saying "We're on our way to see the Jarl. There'll be time for you to get your claws into our friend here later."

She will then address you, saying "I look forward to it. You should come for a drink at my tavern - the Golden Sentinel - tonight. Just about everyone's there after dark..."

Gulvar, ignoring her, will caution you about her: "Be careful with Rastasia. She... well... it's not my place to say. There's enough gossip in this place as it is. It's a small city, after all."

He'll then segue into describing the city's inhabitants, saying "Only 24 of us at the moment. 23 if you don't count Brandas, who's half way to the next life. Luki's barely managing to keep him alive."

Brol and Luki both walk in front of the Citadel, beginning a conversation about yourself:

Brol: "Oh, hello Luki. Did you hear we have a new neighbour?"
Luki: "Great, another mouth to feed. Hope this one's healthy - last thing I need is another Brandas to soak up all my potions."
Brol: "Well, you never know, do you? Every new person who arrives in this place could be welcome addition, or the thing that destroys us all...
But let's hope for the best, shall we?"
Luki: "Wow, there I was thinking I was a pessimist..."

At this point, he will enter the Citadel and expect you to follow him in. Once you've done so, he'll disparage its own clique of residents: "This is the Citadel, where the Jarl and his 'guests' live. If you manage to worm your way in with them, you might get to live here too."

As you round the corner, Gulvar's favourite 'big man' will stop him and initiate a hostile exchange:

Hjormund: "Gulvar, what do you think you're doing? You're meant to be working the Jarl's farm, not trudging dirt into his Citadel..."
Gulvar: "Hjormund, take it easy, would you? I was just showing our new friend here to the Jarl."
Hjormund: "Well how about you get back to work, and I take our new friend the rest of the way? If you don't work, none of us eat, Gulvar. Remember that."
Gulvar: "How could I forget? Fine, I'll get back to work."
Gulvar: "It was nice meeting you, my friend. Stop by for a chat any time you like."

Hjormund will then introduce himself, saying "I'm sorry about that. That probably sounded a bit harsh, but it's my job to make sure we all have enough to eat. I'm Hjormund."

"Let's head up to the next floor then, shall we? Stay close behind me. Wouldn't want you to get lost now, would we?"
"It's good to see a new face here. Haven't had any new arrivals in a while, since Marius, but he mostly keeps to himself. Bit secretive, actually."
"Most people are pretty friendly, though - and so they should be - this is the closest you'll get to Sovngarde in all of Tamriel."
"No crime, no conflict. Most folk don't even bother locking their doors."
"Even if you could steal something without breaking the Dwarves law, it's not as if you could sell it to anyone here."

The tour will then pause as you ascend the stairway, at the top of which Gaia will greet you: "Oh, welcome! I'm Gaia! Do come and say hello when you're free!"

In response, Hjormund will make a passing comment regarding her: "Always got her nose buried in a book, that one. Helps out Brol down in the city, our resident expert about the history and laws of the Dwemer."

"Last I heard they were trying to track down some Dwarven artifacts. You should ask Brol about it, if you're into that sort of thing."
"This is the Citadel kitchen. Remember to be polite to our cook, Asanshi. She does her best with what she has, which isn't much."
"Now, let's head up to the Jarl's floor."
"Alright, so we're about to meet Jarl Metellus. There's a couple of things you should know about him, if you want to make a good impression."
"First, he was the first one here. Well, he was here before the rest of us, anyway. So the Citadel is his, and we're all his guests."
"Second, he's very protective of this place, and won't tolerate anyone disturbing the peace. So be on your best behavior, and you should be fine."
"This is the top of the Citadel. The bathhouse is off limits, and I'm not even sure what's behind the gold door. Only the Jarl has ever gone in there."
"Alright, you're on your own from here. I've got lazy farmers to supervise. Good luck with the Jarl, and I'll see you around."

As you reach the final room of the Citadel, Sato will give you your final direction: "The Jarl's waiting for you on his balcony, on your left."

Walk out to the balcony, which you may recall from recovering the Lakehouse key, where Jarl Metellus awaits you:

"There's a face I don't recognise! Welcome to my city! I'm Jarl Metellus. Tell me, what is your name?"

Once you introduce yourself, he'll say that "It's always exciting to meet a new member of our small community. Now, before I forget: since you're here for good, you'll need some quarters."

"Here's a key to the last vacant chambers down in the City, between Brol and Luki. It's all yours. Now tell me, what brings you to my city?"
Actually, you sent me here from the future to save this city. (Show note)
"I sent you here? I... I'm not sure what you mean..."
Here is the letter you will write, shortly after the city is destroyed.
"Well let's see...
"This is my handwriting... 'the victims of an unspeakable atrocity... I will open a portal that will take you into the past... you must go back'...
This... this is real, isn't it? I've even toyed with the idea of creating a portal between two points in time, with Brol's help.
But that's odd: my letter makes no mention of what caused the disaster. I suppose I was in a hurry. So tell me, what's going to happen to us?"
I don't know, but it was dark and there were burnt corpses everywhere.
"That's exactly what I saw when I first discovered this place, several years ago. It seems whatever happened then is going to happen again...
I think it has something to do with the Dwarves' Law. This is bad, very bad."
The Dwarves' Law?
"Yes, you see, the Dwarves who built this place left inscriptions. Brol hasn't been able to fully translate them, but we understand some parts.
This warning keeps coming up: 'The many shall suffer for the sins of the one.' We think that breaking the law here will cause some kind of ... event.
The truth is, I've used the Dwarves' law to frighten my people into obedience, and it's worked, so far. But someone's about to break that law.
Let me think... hmmm... your arrival here is exactly what I need...
You've helped me a great deal by bringing this note to my attention. I wonder if you could do me another favour?"
What do you want from me?
"I need you to investigate the city. Talk to my people. Help me, if it'll win their trust. You can even go through their possessions if you have to.
You must work out who is going to break the Dwarves' Law. Once you have a name, come back and tell me immediately.
As Jarl I authorise you go anywhere you need to go, including private homes, but if someone asks you to leave, you should do so immediately."
If I help you, will you get me back to my own time, and out of the city?
"I can't promise either of those things, but I will certainly do everything within my power to help you, once you've helped my people.
And of course, if you decide to stay, I would make sure you enjoy a... comfortable life here."
Now what do you say, will you help me?"
Yes, I'll help you.
"Thank you. Now, you mustn't tell anybody where you're from, or what may be about to happen here. People do foolish things when they panic.
If it helps you, you're welcome to borrow the book on my desk - it contains the names and addresses of my subjects. Just don't show it to anyone."
No, I don't think so.
"No? What do you mean, 'No'? Don't you realise you're in just as much danger as the rest of us?
Look, don't think you're getting out of here alive without my help. I expect you'll come around to my way of thinking, once you realise that.
Now get out of my Citadel, and come back once you're willing to see sense."

Quest Stages[edit]

Forget-me-not (000FCQuest02)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
400 I appear to have travelled 20 years into the past, to 1 Last Seed 180E. I will need to find a way to return to my original timeline. Perhaps Metellus, whose magic brought me back here, can help me.
Objective : Find a way back to your original timeline.
550 I should follow my guide to Jarl Metellus.
Objective : Follow your guide to Jarl Metellus.
575 I should talk to Jarl Metellus, on the top floor of the Citadel.
Objective : Talk to Jarl Metellus on the top floor of the Citadel.
595 I have refused the Jarl's request to investigate who is a threat to the city. I can talk to him again if I change my mind.
600 Jarl Metellus has asked me to discreetly work out who is going to trigger the destruction of the city. I will need to talk to each resident, and look around. Once I have settled on a suspect, I should inform him immediately.
Objective : Identify the person most likely to destroy the city and inform Jarl Metellus.
Objective : Go through the city entrance gate to stop the looters coming down the shaft.
Objective : (Optional) Ask Ulrin about the disappearance of his wife.
Objective : (Optional) Search Ulrin's home for clues to the whereabouts of his wife.
Objective : (Optional) Find out what happened to Ulrin's wife, Maisi.
Objective : (Optional) Find a way into the locked room in the Citadel.
Objective : (Optional) Free Maisi.
Objective : (Optional) Inform Ulrin of Maisi's whereabouts.
Objective : (Optional) Find "Quintus" and investigate whether he is a threat.
Objective : (Optional) Identify the human remains in the underground tunnels.
Objective : (Optional) Show Ulrin the necklace from the underground tunnels.
Objective : (Optional) Talk to Brol the Scholar to find out more about the city.
Objective : (Optional) Find a way into the abandoned Palace.
Objective : (Optional) Show the book to Brol as proof that the Dwarves' Law is real.
Objective : (Optional) Talk to an expert about the Immaculate Dwarven armor.
Objective : (Optional) Find a way to protect yourself from the radiation.
Objective : (Optional) Talk to Vernon about the threatening note.
Objective : (Optional) Find out who is threatening Vernon.
Objective : (Optional) Confront Rykas about his threats to Vernon.
Objective : (Optional) Tell Vernon that Rykas is writing him threatening notes.
Objective : (Optional) Talk to Habiq about his missing ring.
Objective : (Optional) Access the tunnels beneath the city to find Habiq's ring.
Objective : (Optional) Return Habiq's ring.
Objective : (Optional) Read Dooley's letter.
Objective : (Optional) Return Dooley's letter and tell him what it says.
Objective : (Optional) Search for Dooley's hidden fortune.
Objective : (Optional) Obtain the Immaculate Dwarven armor from Rykas.
Objective : (Optional) Show the Immaculate Dwarven Armor to Gaia.
Objective : (Optional) Obtain some Skooma as a favour for Dwemora.
Objective : (Optional) Bring some Skooma to Asanshi.
Objective : (Optional) Obtain the Immaculate Helmet from the tunnels.
Objective : (Optional) Inform Metellus that Domitus is the threat.
Objective : (Optional) Inform Metellus that Gulvar is the threat.
Objective : (Optional) Inform Metellus that Vernon is the threat.
Objective : (Optional) Accuse Metellus of being the threat.
Objective : (Optional) Inform Metellus that Ulrin is the threat.
Objective : (Optional) Inform Metellus that Marius is the threat.
Objective : (Optional) Inform Metellus that Rykas is the threat.
Objective : (Optional) Inform Metellus that Deglund is the threat.
Objective : (Optional) Admit Metellus that you are the threat.
Objective : (Optional) Lure your suspect to the underground tunnels and kill them.
1500 You refused Metellus' request to kill your suspect, and will now have to return to your original timeline without his help.
5000 I know that Metellus will make his way to the Lakehouse and sacrifice himself to create a portal back in time. If I follow him there, I should be able to travel back in time again.
Objective : Follow Metellus to the Lakehouse to use his portal again.
5200 Metellus has killed himself to create a portal back in time. I now have no way of returning to my original timeline. However, I could pass through his portal again...
5500 Metellus' death has created a paradox; if he died before creating his portal, I could not have passed through it. As a result, it appears I have been returned to my original timeline.
6000 The Arbiter has returned me to my own time.
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 0, 100, 580, 585, 610, 630, 640, 700, 710, 1000, 1010, 5100, 5101.