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Definitions for more complex fields used across various types of records:

  • BODT (Body Template)
  • BOD2 (Body Template)
  • COED
  • CTDA (Condition Data)
  • DEST (Destruction Data)
  • MODL (Model Data) Includes MODS, MO2S, MO3S, MO4S, MO3S
  • MODT (Model Textures)
  • NVMI (Navmesh Data)
  • NVNM (Navmesh Data)
  • NVPP (Navmesh Preferred Pathing Data)
  • OBND (Object Bounds)
  • SCHR (Old Scripting)
  • VMAD (VM Data / Scripting)


  • EDID (Editor ID): If present, it will always exist at the beginning of the record data.