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Found in the following locations:
Dusty journal
by Metellus
Metellus's invitation

If you are reading this, you stand at the entrance to an ancient Dwarven city. No doubt you have never heard of it, for in all my travels and all my study I have never read of it in any text, save for the inscription here.

It reads:

"Those who seek refuge will find peace here, basking in the sun-under-the-ground. Those who seek gold will find riches beyond imagining, but will pay for this folly with their lives, for there is no return to the world of man."

Is it possible there is life down there? Is it possible the Dwarves are still alive after all this time?

As I stand here on this precipice, war raging all over Tamriel, my mind is made up.

Today I take a leap of faith.

Beloved reader, perhaps one day you will join me. Consider this an invitation - or a warning.

Metellus 11 Sun's Dawn, 4E 190