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The Magnificent
Console Location Code(s)
Tr07i013Marvelous01, Tr07i013Marvelous02, Tr07i013Marvelous03, Tr07i013Marvelous04, Tr07i013Marvelous05, Tr07i013Marvelous06
Anvil or Stirk docks
The Magnificent at Stirk Docks

The Magnificent is a passenger vessel offering regular services connecting the island of Stirk and Anvil. When in Anvil, it is found in the dock area, between The Serpent's Wake and The Sea Tub Clarabella. When docked in Stirk, it occupies the only place in the harbor.

The Magnificent at Anvil Docks

Jafan, the captain, can usually be found on the ship's upper deck. Talk to him to travel to one of the two locations. Obviously, he will only offer the destination at which you aren't at that time. The service will cost 50 gold and will take you to the two cities' respective docks.

Entering the ship proper is considered trespassing. The first deck consists of Jafan's cabin, with a double bed and a well-lit dining room. A trapdoor leads to the second deck. These are the passenger's quarters and consist of three rooms: two with a single bunk and one with two. Jafan's wife Aria can be found occupying one of the two beds. Barrels and crates containing miscellaneous loot fill up the remaining rooms. The third deck is quite tight and contains a bunk and more storage.

Ship People[edit]



  • In the CS, the ship is referred to as The Marvelous; the name was obviously changed, but the ID wasn't.
  • There are actually two ships called The Magnificent. Instead of the ship moving location when you travel from one destination to another, two identical copies of the ship exist: one in Anvil (Tr07i013Marvelous01-3) and one in Stirk (Tr07i013Marvelous04-6). They are exactly the same in exterior appearance and interiors and both have one of the two versions of Jafan and Aria.