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Stirk Manor
Console Location Code(s)
Tr07i008Stirk01, Tr07i008Stirk02
Stirk Manor

Stirk Manor is the grand family home of the Stirks, located in the town's residential district. It is found next to the Eulius and Kynarius manors and across the street from the Eulius Brothers' Book Store.

Even from the outside, Stirk Manor exudes richness and status, with its great dimensions and curious arches. Two doors lead inside, the front door and one on the back. While the latter is always heavily locked, the former is left open between 10am and 10pm. The outside patio holds two tables with bottles of Tamika vintage wine laid out on them.

Ground Floor[edit]

The entry hall
The leisure room

The ground floor is divided into two rooms: the very large entry hall and the small leisure room on the far right. Upon entering, the Stirks' wealth is immediately visible: precious carpets, various display cases housing valuable items, a very large library and beautiful paintings fill the grand hall. To the left is a sitting area around a fireplace and a key-requiring display case holding an ebony mace. Another display case, unlocked this time, housing a blue velvet outfit, is directly in front of the entry. To the left is the Stirks' extensive library, which holds a replica ebony shield, a fur helmet, fur gauntlets, chainmail boots, a minotaur horn and two bottles of Tamika 399 along with a considerable selection of books. Two small chests are also lodged on the shelves but only contain clutter.

The small leisure room is found just to the right of the stairs leading to the first floor. It consists of a few chairs, a display case, a cupboard containing some drinks, and a book shelf. The key-requiring display case holds the only existing copy of Varieties of Heresy and the unique antique gauntlets, while copies of N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! and The Legendary Scourge can be found on the shelves, along with a silver ring.

First Floor[edit]

The first floor corridor
The master bedroom
The western bedroom
The eastern bedroom
The study
The dining room

The first floor is divided into three sections: the dining room, Cartello Stirk's office and the bedrooms. In the corridor immediately in front of the door are two locked display cases, one of which contains a powerful Staff of the Healer. To the left lies the dining room and to the right the office; while the bedrooms are further down the hallway.

The dining room consists mainly of a long table with a beautiful centerpiece and a series of wood and glass counters. The table is set for five and portions of ham and ginkgo leaves are laid out on expensive silverware; a few nightshade flowers embellishing the atmosphere. Atop the counters is a wide range of foodstuffs spacing from sweetrolls to sweetcakes, from leeks to radishes and from strawberries to cheese wedges. The counters themselves hold nothing of use, except for a small (10%) chance of a repair hammer. Baskets nearby hold a good deal of apples, potatoes and tomatoes.

Cartello Stirk 'office is made up of his desk, a set of drawers, a chest, a display case and a few counters. To the left when entering is the heavily-locked display case which holds a copy of The Emperor's Hand and of Folly of Steel. Also nearby is a chest, propped on the drawers, containing a few gold coins and some jewelry (25%). Laid out on the desk are the Gray Fox, Man or Myth? and the A New Guild for Fighters? editions of the Cyrodiil Black Horse Courier. The desk itself contains up to three books (50% each). Atop the counters is a full collection of Horatio Gargonath's poems. The two middle counters may contain up to 2 pieces of jewelry each.

The easternmost bedroom is shared by Morihatha and Castameloria Stirk and, once The Ballad of Jean and Mori is complete, also by Jean Ciscotte. A double and single bed occupy most of the room, along with two sets of drawers, a writing desk and a display case. A blue velvet outfit and a blue silk shirt can be found atop one of the drawers, while a red velvet outfit and a red velvet garment are placed on the other; neither actually contain anything else. The display case houses a silver amulet.

The westernmost bedroom is occupied by Stirk's apparently homosexual couple: Sevillus Stirk and Dupineon. It is the smallest of the three and contains a double-bed, a cupboard and a writing desk. Atop the second is a black & burgundy outfit, while the cupboard itself contains up to eight pieces of upper-class clothing (75% each). Lying on the desk are a flawed and a normal emerald, a ruby and a flawed diamond.

The central bedroom is reserved for the Interim Captain himself, and is the most luxurious of the three. Like the other bedrooms, its walls are adorned by precious tapestries but, quite uniquely, a large red curtain fills up the wall just behind the double-bed. The bed itself is on a slightly raised platform, while two display cases and two sets of drawers are found on the lower level. The eastern part of this level is a small sitting area consisting of a bench and two chairs. Atop the drawers is a scale, a flawed sapphire and two silver nuggets. The key-requiring display case houses a war axe of scorching while the second, which is still heavily locked, displays two flawless diamonds, a flawless emerald, a flawless ruby and two flawless sapphires.


The ground floor library

Stirk Manor's library is the most extensive private collection of books on Stirk, rivaling the Eulius Brothers' Book Store and many others on the mainland. There follows a list of the rare and expensive books found in the library:

Tamriel Rebuilt Books
The Assassination of Pelagius I *
Breakout *
Here at Last
The Real Meaning of Life *
Redemption, Volume I **
Redemption, Volume II **
Redemption, Volume III **
Redemption, Volume IV **
Redemption, Volume V * **
Spring's Blossom
Varieties of Thought, Volume I
Varieties of Thought, Volume II
Varieties of Thought, Volume III *
War of Honor *
Warmth *
Weight of Guilt, Part I
Weight of Guilt, Part VI *
Weight of Guilt, Part VII *

* These books can only be found here
** For all of these books two copies are present

Mainland Books
2920, First Seed (v3) **
2920, Sun's Dusk (v11) *
2920, Evening Star (v12) *
The Argonian Account, Book 2
Azura and the Box
The Brothers of Darkness
Feyfolken I
Feyfolken II
Feyfolken III
The Firmament *
Fragment: On Artaeum *
Hanging Gardens
History of Lock Picking *
The Legendary Scourge
Magic from the Sky
More Than Mortal *
Palla, volume 2
The Red Book of Riddles

* For all of these books two copies are present
** For all of these books three copies are present

Mainland Skill Books
2920, Last Seed (v8)

Manor People[edit]

Stirk Manor
Castameloria Stirk
Interim Captain Cartello Stirk
Jean Ciscotte
Morihatha Stirk
Sevillus Stirk