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Fort Stirk
Console Location Code(s)
Tr07i001Fort01, Tr07i001Fort02, Tr07i001Fort03, Tr07i001Fort04, Tr07i001Fort05, Tr07i001Fort06, Tr07i001Fort07
On the south-western tip of Stirk
Fort Stirk

Fort Stirk is a castle located on the southern coast of Stirk. It is found in the southern extremity of the island; on the road between the docks and Stirk proper.

The Main Hall

It is the seat of Stirk's military commander, Interim Captain Cartello Stirk, the City Guard's headquarters and the Legion's foothold on the island. It was built by Admiral Armondian Stirk I, an ancestor of the current commander, during the early days of the colonization of Stirk. An imposing statue of the founder is found outside, in full Legion armor and looking west, towards the Abecean Sea.

The main hall that you first enter divides into various sections and is structured into two corridors on the sides with a small room in the middle to allow communication between the two. Just inside is a small area with two locked display cases; one contains a Steel Cutlass, the other a Bow of Infliction. Both can be unlocked using a key.

The Commander's Office[edit]

The Commander's Office

This is a semi-circular room located in the left corridor of the main hall. It contains a large desk and a series of bookshelves containing many books, especially military ones, such as The Imperial Navy and various official papers such as the tax records and the citizens' complaints. Also of particular notice is the Imperial Navy Seal located on one of the bookshelves.

The Reception Area[edit]

The Reception Area

This is where guests are welcomed or left to wait for a hearing and is located in the right corridor, directly opposite the Commander's office. It consists of a dining table and a few bookshelves. There are also two locked display cases, one contains a Dagger of Weariness, the other a gold nugget, probably from the island's mine, and an Amulet of Luck. Both can be unlocked using a key.

The Guard Barracks[edit]

The Guard Barracks

The barracks host the members of the Stirk Guard; you will arrive there by following the left corridor in the main hall and continuing along the flight of stairs. The first room consists of a dining room while the second, larger one, contains half a dozen beds and chests where the guards sleep and store their possessions when not on patrol. Entering isn't advisable, as it is considered trespassing, and the guards will be all the faster at apprehending you.

The North and West Towers[edit]

Both of these two storey towers are accessed from the same corridor as the Barracks. The first storey is a training room and contains a dummy, a target and a few weapons scattered around. The second story contains old and forgotten storage. In the second floor of the West tower you will find, underneath a thick layer of dust, a rather battered and deprived Nirnroot. Entering both towers is considered trespassing.

The Passage[edit]

The Passage

This is essentially Stirk's dungeon and is found at the end of the right corridor from the main hall. In the first room you will find the Stirk Jailor and the evidence chest. The door to the prison is obviously locked and inside are two cells: one is used if you are ever sent to jail, while the other is occupied by Helga Open-Legs.

The East Hall[edit]

Lieutenant Orenius Philo's quarters in the East Hall

Fort Stirk's second main hall, it is accessed from 'The Passage', by taking the stairs on the left. The first chamber is a large dining and reception room with food and books. To the left is the Fort's forge, with an anvil, bellows and large sacks of coal. Here you will find the Fort's smith, Garkam gra-Both. A corridor and stairs will eventually lead you to a richly decorated section. Here you will find Lieutenant Orenius Philo's office, which consists of a desk with papers and another Imperial Navy Seal and a few bookshelves. To the left is his room, containing an upper-class double bed and few other books.

The East Tower[edit]

The third tower of the Fort is located close to the Lieutenant's office; entering is considered trespassing. In the first storey are two beds and some storage. The second storey contains more forgotten furniture, in particular a display case

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Castle People[edit]

Garkam gra-Both
Helga Open-Legs
Interim Captain Cartello Stirk
Lieutenant Orenius Philo
Stirk Jailor