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Cassyndrian Eulius
(RefID: xx0013F6)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt, Stirk
House Eulius Manor
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 10 Class Noble
RefID xx0013F6 BaseID xx001E74
Other Information
Health 50 Magicka 50
Respons. 100 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Tr07EuliusF; Tr07StirkF
Cassyndrian Eulius

Cassyndrian Eulius is an Imperial noble living in Eulius Manor. He is married to Horacia Eulius and is the uncle of the two Eulius brothers, Alenion and Amarius.

During the related quest, you'll be tasked with reassuring him of his nephews' conditions; although he seems to be used to it, as he comments: "Oh, I didn't think for a minute that those boys would be in any trouble. I've learned to stop worrying about Amarius. He's been doing the whole dungeon-crawl thing since he got his first knife. He can take care of himself. And Alenion, well, he's too smart to put himself in a situation he can't handle. Still, I appreciate the update. I had been wondering where they'd wandered."

Although his nephews' adventures always keep him a bit worried, he tries to enjoy his existence as much as possible. After waking up early at 6am, he spends the next six or seven hours strolling around his mansion. On weekdays, he'll pay his nephews a long visit at the store, from 1pm to 6pm. On Loredas and Sundas, he'll accompany his wife to the chapel and silently pray on one of the pews from midday to 4pm, before heading home for two hours of relaxing. At 6pm, he will eat a lonely two-hour dinner, and after four hours of pacing about his home, he will finally retire to his bed.

The only change to this schedule is during the late stages of the Father in Trouble quest, when he joins the crowd of residents watching the chapel burn to the ground. After this, he will obviously suspend his weekend chapel trip. Although Alenion will claim that "My Uncle has agreed to take on some of the bookstore responsibilities" after the questline is complete, Cassyndrian apparently never gets around to it.

Being a retired gentleman has its privileges, and Cassyndrian's abode reflects both this and what seems to be his favorite color: a green brocade doublet, green silk garment and a pair of green velvet shoes.

Upon first meeting him, he will express his love towards his wife, but also drop you a hint of caution, "Hello, I'm Cassyndrian Eulius. My wife Horacia can be a bit overzealous, but she's a lovely woman. I'm sure you'll get used to her."

Eulius manor is found in Stirk's residential district, next to the Amatius and Stirk manors and in front of the Eulius Brothers' Book Store. It's a typical two-storey Stirk mansion with the dining area on the ground floor and the bedroom on the first floor. In the entry hall is a copy of Dwemer History and Culture and a wine rack holding Tamika and Surilie wines of various vintages. The rest of the ground floor consists of two sections: a dining area and a sitting area. The former contains a table laden with food set on expensive silverware and topped off by two bottles of Tamika 399. At the latter's center is a fireplace and on its mantelpiece are the rare books The Supposition of Freedom and The Fate of the Snow Elves, which can only be found here. To the left is a cupboard containing of more silverware; while a good deal of storage barrels and food sacks can be found in both areas. On the upstairs landing is a shelf holding a silver shortsword, a copy of Cleansing of the Fane, a flawed topaz and ruby. The bedroom consists of a double-bed, a set of shelves and a chest of drawers. The former holds a nightshade portion and a copy of Fall of the Snow Prince while the latter contains up to six pieces of upper clothing. On top of it sits the only copy of Fragments of an Altmer Pocket Guide.

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  • In the CS, his name is Cassynder; his name was changed, but his ID obviously wasn't.