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Find the two historians on the island of Stirk to fully explore the newfound ruin.
Quest Giver: Rogkuroth gro-Budok or Marks at the Polle Gold Mine or at Vassa
Location(s): Polle Gold Mine, various locations on Stirk
Prerequisite Quest: Strange Noises
Next Quest: Errands for the Eulius Brothers
Reward: None
ID: Tr07q006UAThirdParty
Alenion and Amarius Eulius, and the door that has them excited

Quick Walkthrough[edit]


  1. Talk to Rogkuroth gro-Budok and be directed to Alenion Eulius.
  2. Inform Alenion of your discovery and seek out Amarius.
  3. Escort the Eulius brothers down to the door in Polle Gold Mine, Lower Shaft.


  1. Talk to Marks and be directed to Amarius.
  2. Inform Amarius of the news and look for Alenion.
  3. Escort the Eulius brothers down to the door in Polle Gold Mine, Lower Shaft.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


Redirected to a Historian[edit]

After meeting at the bonfire with Rogkuroth, he will tell you that the situation is getting out of hand and that an expert should help handling it. He tells you that Alenion Eulius had previously theorised the existence of an ancient ruin on the island, and would therefore be the best person to deal with the discovery. Leave the mine and seek him out in his bookstore.

Excited, but not Alone[edit]

When you tell Alenion about the ruin he will be jubilant; but he won't forget his own brother in the midst of his joy. He manages to contain his excitement to tell you that his sibling Amarius is a seasoned explorer and that he would also want to be there. Fetch Amarius and return to Alenion with him in tow.

Let's Get Exploring![edit]

Once you have both the Eulius brothers following you lead them back to the mine's lower shaft and escort them into Vassa.


A Dungeon Delver will Do[edit]

Once you have cleared out all of the zombies, Marks will tell you that Amarius Eulius is the one to handle this job now. He informs you he's an adventurer and historian and asks you to bring him back to the mine.

An Adventurer's Agitation[edit]

Once you find Amarius and tell him about your discovery, he will be very excited. Just as his sibling would do, he doesn't want to claim all the glory for himself, and asks you to go find his brother Alenion, also a historian, so they can go together to examine the door.

Back to the Door[edit]

With both Eulius brothers in tow, return to the door in Polle Gold Mine's Lower Shaft and lead them through the door to the newly-discovered ruin.

Journal Entries[edit]

A Third Party (Tr07q006UAThirdParty)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Rogkuroth said I should seek out Alenion Eulius. He is a historian, and might be able to provide useful information on what we are dealing with below the gold mine.
15 Marks suggested that I speak to Amarius Eulius. He is an adventurer and a historian, and would be the best candidate to determine where to go next.
20 I have found Alenion Eulius. I have agreed to show him the ruin in the lower shaft of the gold mine. He has asked that I tell his brother Amarius about this too. Amarius is also a historian, but is an adventurer as well.
25 Amarius Eulius has agreed to accompany me into the ruin, but he would like me to bring his brother Alenion as well. Alenion Eulius is also a historian, and has previously theorized about the existence of a ruin somewhere on the island.
30 Amarius Eulius is excited to accompany me to the ruin underneath the Polle mine.
35 Alenion Eulius was thrilled to hear that his belief about an Ayleid ruin on Stirk was correct. He has agreed to join the expedition.
40 ☑Finishes quest I have reached the ruin beneath the mine with the Eulius brothers. They would like to explore it a bit on their own.
45 ☑Finishes quest I have reached the ruin beneath the mine with the Eulius brothers. They would like to explore it a bit on their own.
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  • Pc22.png It is possible to use the console to advance through the quest by entering setstage Tr07q006UAThirdParty stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) quest stages. See SetStage for more information.

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