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Frequently asked questions and their answers for Cobl...

I have a mod that requires Cobl, but I don't want all of that other Cobl stuff![edit]

Then don't load Cobl's glue mods. Cobl comes in several components: Cobl Main.esm and various esps. Cobl Main.esm defines all Cobl items, but by itself adds almost nothing to the world. It's the glue mods that place Cobl items into the world. So if you activate only Cobl Main.esm and the mod that you've acquired, then you'll only get what that mod adds.

What if I want some of Cobl's additions, but not others?[edit]

In this case, you'll have to make your own custom glue mod and use that in place of Cobl Glue.esp. Simplest thing to do is to start with Cobl Glue.esp and trim it down to the items you want. However, in practice this is likely to be more difficult than what you want to do.

Reviewing contributions from glue mods:

Cobl Glue: Largely consists of item placements: beer bottles, alchemical sorters, luggage, books, mage altars, alchemical ingredients, etc. In addition, there are changes to leveled lists.
Cobl SI: Similar to Cobl Glue, but covers Shivering Isles locations.
Cobl Tweaks: Tweaks inventories of a few creatures and NPCs.

All told, the glue mods (especially Cobl Glue.esp) make hundreds of changes to the game world, and future releases will make yet more changes. While it might be nice to allow these mods to be customizable, the amount of work involved is more than we want to undertake, and the demand for such customizability is not very large. Moreover, given the number of items, and possible the permutations of personal preferences, customization is impractical anyway. (E.g. one user wants luggage placements, but not mage altars. Another user wants luggage in some locations, but not in others. Another user wants additions to vendors, but no beer placements.)

Our advice is:

  1. Try running with Cobl Glue loaded. Most likely you will find it acceptable.
  2. If not, then try running without Cobl Glue loaded. Perhaps that will satisfy you.
  3. If you very strongly want some features, but not others, then build your custom Cobl Glue.esp mod. Keep in mind that this will be a fair amount of work, and it may become outdated if later releases of Cobl add something you want.