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This page shows you where all the unique and costly weapons in Tamriel Rebuilt can be found. This list will only give you certain and fixed locations, some weapons can also be found in other locations due to leveled lists. Note that most of these weapons can also be found in a crate in the TR Testing Cell.



Name ID OBValueIcon small.png Location
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium War Axe.png Adamantium War Axe TR_w_adamant_waraxe 1000 No certain locations


Name ID OBValueIcon small.png Locations
MW-icon-weapon-Miner's Pick.png Miner's Pick TR_m1_q_DeliveryPick 8 In a crate in the Molagreahd Region (30,12)

Used in the quest A Delayed Shipment

Axe of Boethiah's Cleaving Axe of Boethiah's Cleaving TR_m1_Q50_GO5_Fake_axe_uni 50 Held by Trivra Andoril In Llothanis, Trivra Andoril's Manor

Used in the quest The Prince of Plots

TD3-icon-weapon-Orcish War Axe.png Orcish Waraxe TR_w_orcish_waraxe 2600
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Battle Axe.png Adamantium Battle Axe TR_w_adamant_doubleaxe 5000 Held by Jarhast the Devious in Sevadartus
TD3-icon-weapon-Sixth House Sickle.png Sixth House Sickle TR_w_6th_sickle 5500 No certain locations
MW-icon-weapon-Wings of the Queen of Bats.png Queen of Bats TR_w_queenofbats_uni 12000 No certain locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Glass Battle Axe.png Glass Battle Axe TR_w_glass_battleaxe 16000 No certain locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Axe of Boethiah.png Axe of Boethiah TR_w_boethiah_axe_uni 25000 No certain locations

Blunt Weapons[edit]


Name ID OBValueIcon small.png Locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Club.png Adamantium Club TR_w_adamant_club 1000 Held by Gakken gro-Gayash in Norem, Interior

2-Handed Close[edit]

Name ID OBValueIcon small.png Locations
Woebringer Woebringer TR_m1_Q_woebringer 1820
  • Held by Olivie Arche during the quest: Woebringer
TD3-icon-weapon-Orcish Mace.png Orcish Mace TR_w_orcish_mace 2400
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Warhammer.png Adamantium Warhammer TR_w_adamant_warhammer 7500 Held by Servo Nierius in Windmoth Legion Fort, Interior
TD3-icon-weapon-Nordic Warhammer 02.png Nordic Warhammer TR_w_nord_whammer_uni 10000 No certain locations

2-Handed Wide[edit]

Name ID OBValueIcon small.png Locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Dwarven Staff.png Dwarven Staff TR_w_dwvr_staff 700
Mzulangth's Fire Wielder Mzulangth's Fire Wielder TR_q_DwarvenFirestaff 700
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Staff.png Adamantium Staff TR_w_adamant_staff 2800

Long Blades[edit]


Name ID OBValueIcon small.png Locations
Blightcutter Blightcutter TR_m1_q_NatayaLongsword 26
MW-icon-weapon-Silver Longsword.png Silver Longsword TR_m1_q_Ransword1 and 2 160
TD3-icon-weapon-Redoran Ceremonial Blade.png Redoran Ceremonial Blade TR_w_Red_Hero_Blade 250 No certain locations
Captain Harul's Saber Captain Harul's Saber TR_M2S7_Treasure_Saber 300 In a chest in the Mephalain Mountains Region (40,-6)
TD3-icon-weapon-Dwarven Broadsword.png Dwarven Broadsword TR_w_dwvr_broadsword 400 Held by Varon Valas in Pansaranit
TD3-icon-weapon-Imperial Royal Silver Longsword.png Imperial Silver Royal Longsword TR_w_imp_roy_lsword 560
TD3-icon-weapon-Dwarven Longsword.png Dwarven Longsword TR_w_dwvr_lsword 600
TD3-icon-weapon-Daedric Steel Broadsword.png Daedric Steel Broadsword TR_w_steel_dae_bsword 850
TD3-icon-weapon-Daedric Steel Longsword.png Daedric Steel Longsword TR_w_steel_dae_lsword 900
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Broadsword.png Adamantium Broadsword TR_w_adamant_bsword 1000 No certain locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Orcish Cleaver.png Orcish Cleaver TR_w_orcish_cleaver 1600
Longsword of Starvation Longsword of Starvation TR_Dae Longsword Hunger 2000 No certain locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Orcish Longsword.png Orcish Longsword TR_w_orcish_lsword 2200
TD3-icon-weapon-Orcish Longsword.png Orcish Longsword Of Flame TR_m1_w_orcish_longsword_flame 2200
Broadsword of Darkness Broadsword of Darkness TR_Dae Broadsword Dremora 2500 No certain locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Saber.png Adamantium Saber TR_w_adamant_saber 3000
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Scimitar.png Adamantium Scimitar TR_w_adamant_scimtar 3750
Bthang's Bite Bthang's Bite TR_w_m2_dwrvls_uni 4500 Held by Jeras Ticedo in Bthangthamuzand, Entrance Hall
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Longsword.png Adamantium Longsword TR_w_adamant_lsword 5000
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Katana.png Adamantium Katana TR_w_adamant_katana 5500 No certain locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Glass Katana.png Glass Katana TR_w_glass_katana 18000
TD3-icon-weapon-Ebony Katana.png Ebony Katana TR_w_ebony_katana 22000 Held by Lord Drolar in Drolar Manor Ruin
TD3-icon-weapon-Daedric Saber.png Daedric Saber TR_w_daedra_saber 28000
TD3-icon-weapon-Daedric Longsword.png Daedric Longsword TR_w_daedra_lsword_02 40000 No certain locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Daedric Scimitar.png Daedric Scimitar TR_w_daedra_scimtar_02 55000 No certain locations
Edge of the Abyss Edge of the Abyss TR_m1_w_edge of the abyss 65000 In the sunken chest in the Seradan Grotto

Reward for the hidden Treasure Hunt.


Name ID OBValueIcon small.png Locations
Claymore of Fleetness Claymore of Fleetness TR_Aug_silver_claymore 320 No certain locations
Claymore of Wisdom Claymore of Wisdom TR_Aug_silver_claymore_01 320 No certain locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Daedric Steel Claymore.png Daedric Steel Claymore TR_w_steel_dae_cmore 1100 Held by Naleth Llarni in Windmoth Legion Fort, Towers
TD3-icon-weapon-Daedric Steel Claymore.png Steel Flameslayer TR_m1_w_fire_dsteel_claymore 1100
TD3-icon-weapon-Orcish Claymore.png Orcish Claymore TR_w_orcish_claymore 1800 Held by Kalero in Dim-Dai
Claymore of Dusk Claymore Of Dusk TR_Dae_claymore Twilight 3000 No certain locations
Dwarven Sunblade Dwarven Sunblade TR_m1_dwarven_sunblade 12000 Gah Sadrith, Prisca Vibs: Enchanter
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Dai-Katana.png Adamantium Dai-Katana TR_w_adamant_dkatana 15000 No certain locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Ebony Claymore.png Ebony Claymore TR_w_ebony_claymore 40000 Held by Arelis Lloran, both in Gah Sadrith, Wetstone Tavern (before the quest) and Yashazmus, Shrine (during the quest Fiancee Lost)
TD3-icon-weapon-Glass Dai-katana.png Glass Dai-Katana TR_w_glass_dkatana 40000 No certain locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Glass Dai-katana.png Glass Dai-Katana of the Leech TR_w_GlsDkatSleep_i1-6 44000 Held by a lich in Siridunbal
TD3-icon-weapon-Ebony Dai-Katana.png Ebony Dai-Katana TR_w_ebony_dkatana 50000 Held by Erendes Hlevran in Necrom, Watch Barracks
TD3-icon-weapon-Daedric Falchion.png Daedric Falchion TR_w_daedra_scimitar_01 85000 Rith-Ilviryon Ancestral Tomb, Lower South Sepulcher
Gwai-Lo Gwai-lo TR_m1_Q52_w_Gwai-lo_uni 150000

Marksman Weapons[edit]


Name ID OBValueIcon small.png Locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Long Bow.png Adamantium Long Bow TR_w_adamant_bow 1500
Cheli's Bow Cheli's Bow TR_m1_w_bow cheli 3000 Held by Cheli Llarethi in Llarethi Ancestral Tomb, Secret Hideout


Name ID OBValueIcon small.png Locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Crossbow.png Adamantium Crossbow TR_w_adamant_crossbow 10000 No certain locations

Short Blades[edit]

Name ID OBValueIcon small.png Locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Aena Sickle.png Aena Sickle TR_w_aena_sickle 250
Gambler's Spirit Gambler Spirit TR_m1_w_Gambler_Spirit_UNIQUE 250 No certain locations
MW-icon-weapon-Dwarven Shortsword.png Dwarven Shortsword TR_m1_q_AttackPiece6 300
TD3-icon-weapon-Daedric Steel Shortsword.png Daedric Steel Shortsword TR_w_steel_dae_ssword 400
Dagger of Misschief Dagger of Misschief TR_Dae_dagger Scamp 500 Necrom, Catacombs: Old Caverns
TD3-icon-weapon-Orcish Shank.png Orcish Shank TR_w_orcish_dagger_01 600
TD3-icon-weapon-Orcish Skiver.png Orcish Skiver TR_w_orcish_dagger_02 800
Shank of Thunderbolt Shank of Thunderbolt TR_m1_w_thunderbolt_shank 900
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Dagger.png Adamantium Dagger TR_w_adamant_dagger 1000
Kana-Revis Kana-revis TR_m1_w_Reaper 1000
Shortsword of Fright Shortsword of Fright TR_Dae_shortsword Clannfear 1000 No certain locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Tanto.png Adamantium Tanto TR_w_adamant_tanto 1100
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Wakizashi.png Adamantium Wakizashi TR_w_adamant_wakizashi 1200
TD3-icon-weapon-Glass Tanto.png Glass Tanto TR_w_glass_tanto 4500
TD3-icon-weapon-Glass Shortsword.png Glass Shortsword TR_w_glass_ssword_uni 4600 Held by Mistress Faruna in Tel Oren, Tower
TD3-icon-weapon-Ebony Dagger.png Ebony Dagger TR_w_ebony_dagger 5000
TD3-icon-weapon-Ebony Dagger.png Ebony Dagger TR_m1_w_ebony_dagger_cursed 5000 Baelkashpitu, Shrine
TD3-icon-weapon-Dagger of Meridia.png Dagger of Meridia TR_w_meridia_dag_uni 5200 No certain locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Ebony Tanto.png Ebony Tanto TR_w_ebony_tanto 7000
TD3-icon-weapon-Glass Wakizashi.png Glass Wakizashi TR_w_glass_wakizashi 8700
TD3-icon-weapon-Daedric Fang.png Daedric Fang TR_w_daedra_fang 12000 Held by Mistress Rathra in Tel Ouada, Tower: Rathra's Chambers
Flametail Flametail TR_m2_Flametail_i2-336 12500 Drolar Manor Ruin
TD3-icon-weapon-Ebony Wakizashi.png Ebony Wakizashi TR_w_ebony_wakizashi 18000


Name ID OBValueIcon small.png Locations
Iron-Grip's Viperskewer Iron-Grip's Viperskewer TR_m1_Q_vskewer_irongrip 30
MW-icon-weapon-Dwemer Longspear.png Dwarven Longspear TR_w_dwrv_longspear 400
TD3-icon-weapon-Orcish Spear.png Orcish Spear TR_w_orcish_spear_01 1800
TD3-icon-weapon-Orcish Spear 02.png Orcish Spear TR_w_orcish_spear_02 1800 Firewatch Palace, Guild of Fighters
TD3-icon-weapon-Orcish Halberd.png Orcish Halberd TR_w_orcish_halberd 2600
TD3-icon-weapon-Glass Spear.png Glass Spear TR_w_glass_spear 8000
TD3-icon-weapon-Adamantium Halberd.png Adamantium Halberd TR_w_adamant_halberd 10000
TD3-icon-weapon-Ebony Bardiche.png Ebony Halberd TR_w_ebony_halberd 11000 Zanammu, Collapsed Corridors
TD3-icon-weapon-Daedric Trident.png Daedric Trident TR_w_daedra_Trident 21000 No certain locations
TD3-icon-weapon-Daedric Naginata.png Daedric Naginata TR_w_daedra_naginata 22000
TD3-icon-weapon-Daedric Naginata.png Daedric Naginata TR_m1_w_i2_Naginata 22000
MW-icon-weapon-Daedric Longspear.png Daedric Longspear TR_w_daedra_longspear 25000 No certain locations