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Explore a new magical world, and adapt to its conditions.
Quest Giver: Malvas Relvani
Location(s): Telvanni Council House, Port Telvannis
Prerequisite Quest: Ingredients for Lord Dral
Reward: Soul's Hunger
ID: TR_m1_HT_Dr2
Your seventeen-second mission to explore a strange new world

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Malvas Relvani informs you that his patron, Archmagister Rilvin Dral, requires aid in an experiment.
  2. Meet the Archmagister at Tel Thenim in Port Telvannis within 24 hours.
  3. Allow Archmagister Dral to teleport you to his fledgling pocket realm, to test its safety.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


Malvas Relvani orders you to help Archmagister Rilvin Dral complete a vital experiment. The catch however is that you need to meet him within a day. The Archmagister's tower, Tel Thenim, is located in Port Telvannis, so it's fairly easy to achieve this. A strong Levitate spell is recommended as always in Telvanni housing.

Exploring the Realm[edit]

Once you meet with the Archmagister, he requests that you allow him to teleport you into his newly created realm. Upon arrival, your breath starts to run out, although whether this is due to being underwater or in a vacuum isn't clear. There is no need to use any water breathing spells: after 17 seconds, the Archmagister will teleport you back.

Dral will then reward you with a powerful Daedric short blade, Soul's Hunger. It has Silence, Absorb Magicka, Absorb Health and Drain Speed cast on strike effects.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Uncharted Waters (TR_m1_HT_Dr2)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Malvas Relvani ordered me to help Lord Dral complete a vital experiment. I should find Archmagister Rilvin Dral in his tower, Tel Thenim, here in Port Telvannis. I have only one day to complete this task, as Lord Dral needs help immediately.
20 I found Archmagister Dral in his tower, and he told me he would begin his experiment shortly.
30 After casting a spell to "see through my eyes", Lord Dral teleported me to a new 'Pocket Realm' that he was crafting. Inside, I was trapped underwater, in open sky. Before I drowned, Lord Dral teleported me to safety.
40 Lord Dral seemed impressed with his new creation, and rewarded me with a Daedric dagger.
41 ☑Finishes quest Malvas Relvani thanked me for helping Lord Dral.
45 I have failed to reach Archmagister Dral in time for his experiment. Malvas will not be happy.
46 ☑Finishes quest Malvas Relvani was infuriated that I had failed to reach Archmagister Dral in time.
50 ☑Finishes quest Malvas Relvani ordered me to help Lord Dral test a vital experiment. However, I refused to help Archmagister Dral complete his experiment. Malvas was disappointed, but I did not want to risk my life in a powerful Telvanni Lord's experiment.
55 ☑Finishes quest Apparently, Lord Dral is no longer interested in his once vital experiment.