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Traders are general merchants who buy and sell a little of everything -- weapons ,armor, clothes, books, miscellaneous items of all kinds. They are all over Morrowind and there's no settlement without one.

List of Traders[edit]

Here is a list of all traders in the game, sorted by the amount of gold they can trade with.

Name Gold Location Faction Notes
Aresthi Brendu 2150 Port Telvannis, Aresthi Brendu: Trader Great House Telvanni 0(Hireling)
Seris Athyon 1100 Tel Mothrivra, Seris Athyon: Magic Supplies
Brandir Zabaal 900 Firewatch, Brandir Zabaal: General Supplies
Bren Galdis 800 Port Telvannis, Bren Galdis: General Store Great House Telvanni 0(Hireling)
Dulam Turith 700 Tel Muthada, Dulam Turith: Trader
Dralamra Morvayn 650 Tel Ouada, Dralamra Morvayn: Trader
Fevras Beran 650 Alt Bosara, Fevras Beran's General Supplies
Kobin Delas 600 Ranyon-ruhn
Josa Yeseffe 560 Helnim, Marketplace
Mirabelle 550 Helnim, Slums: Mirabelle's Shack
Hongar The Hammerer 500 Cephorad Keep, Interior Imperial Legion 2(Trooper)
Aleni Moryon 450 Gah Sadrith, Market
Cervius Veris 450 Helnim, Cervius Veris: General Merchant
Dun Akhul 400 Tel Ouada
Mervyn Andalas 400 Adurin-Ouaka, Andalas Tradehouse
Neldam Volothre 350 Verulas Pass, Neldam Volothre: Trader
Tarvel Drenith 345 Marog, Tarvel Drenith: Trader Great House Telvanni 0(Hireling)
Dartha Nandilos 300 Tel Ouada, The Magic Mudcrab Great House Telvanni 1(Retainer)
Jana Livia 300 Bal Oyra, Jana Livia: Trader
Lariast 250 Helnim, Lariast: Trader
Constantine Mentorus 200 Tel Ouada, Mentorus' Miscellany
Roban 200 Helnim, Marketplace
Dareth Rareles 175 Marog, Market
Elammu Andrani 130 Bahrammu, Elammu Andrani: Trader
Ernaius Gelsus 100 Helnim, Ernaius Gelsus: Furnisher
Caius Milacio 75 Gah Sadrith, Market
Gadaves Salvani 50 Port Telvannis Great House Telvanni 0(Hireling) Sells only Dreugh Items
Orvil Menas 30 Helnim, Marketplace
Kevlin 25 Bal Oyra, The Black Ogre Tavern
Irvel 5 Kemel-Ze, Runzchuk Sells only Dwemer items
Munbebi Atinna 0 Port Telvannis Great House Telvanni 1(Retainer)