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One of the wares of the Port Telvannis slave market should be returned to the salesman...
Quest Giver: Ardur Salvendu in Port Telvannis
Location(s): Port Telvannis
Reward: 200 gold
ID: TR_m1_PT_SlaveTrade
The misplaced slave is back at last

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Ardur Salvendu in the Port Telvannis slave market.
  2. Track down the slave he has sold incorrectly.
  3. Escort her back to Serjo Salvendu.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The Problem[edit]

If you talk to Ardur Salvendu, the slaver in Port Telvannis, you will discover he has a little problem. He recently sold a slave that was reserved for a noble in Great House Dres and needs to undo his mistake. Salvendu says that he never remembers much about his slaves but does remember "it was a female of one of the races of men". He gives you a letter to prove to the slave's owner that you are telling the truth,

The Search[edit]

As you might expect from the capital of the Telvanni, there are several slaves in Port Telvannis. The only way to find the missing one is to check each house and store in the city. Talk to the owner of any slave and they will tell you whether or not it sounds like they might own the one for whom you are searching.

The slave in question turns out to be Elisa and she has been bought by Ero Endravel. As long as Salvendu's letter is correctly sealed, Endravel will tell you to instruct Elisa to follow you back to the slaver. If it is not, he will angrily refuse to hand Elisa over to you.

The Trip Back[edit]

Talk to Elisa and she will start to follow you. She doesn't move very quickly but luckily the trip isn't a long one. Escort her back to Salvendu for a reward of 200 gold.

If Ero Endravel refused to return Elisa, Salvendu will be livid and his disposition towards you will drop by 50 points.


  • If you refuse to take the job for Salvendu, his disposition towards you will drop by 50 points.
  • If you break the seal on the letter, you can attempt to re-seal it. If your security skill is greater than a random number between 0 and 99, the scroll is successfully re-sealed. If it isn't, you permanently damage the seal.
  • The next time you return to the slave market after a successful completion, Elisa will have taken Hindas Nakal's place in a slave cage and Nakal will be working for Ero Endravel.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Slave Trade (TR_m1_PT_SlaveTrade)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I insulted the Dres slave trader by refusing his task.
11 Ardur Salvendu claims he has mistakenly sold one of his prized slaves to a household in Port Telvannis, when the slave was supposed to be reserved for a Dres noble. Ardur cannot remember her name, or much about her, save that she was a female of one of the races of men. He has given me a letter which I must show to her owner in order to bring her back to the market.
20 Ero Endravel has the slave in question, a Nord named Elisa. He has agreed to let her follow me to the slave market.
30 Because I had broken the seal on the letter, Ero Endravel refused to believe he should surrender his slave. Ardur Salvendu will not be pleased.
40 ☑Finishes quest Ardur Salvendu thanked me for bringing Elisa back to him. She will remain in Port Telvannis until he returns to Tear.
50 ☑Finishes quest Ardur Salvendu was outraged that I had failed to return the slave.