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The Brazen Maiden
Console Location Code(s)
Firewatch, The Brazen Maiden, Cabin
Firewatch, The Brazen Maiden, Lower Level
Firewatch, The Brazen Maiden, Upper Level
Firewatch, [17,15]
The Brazen Maiden at Firewatch docks

The Brazen Maiden is a ship which is moored in the harbor of Firewatch to trade with the Imperial fortress.

There is little of importance in the boat. The cabin contains a few books and a couple of gold coins. The upper deck has rather more, including several bottles of drink, some alchemical ingredients and several creates of general goods. The lower deck contains more of the same, including two portions of Moon Sugar hidden among some baskets near a bedroll.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Bidsi Vidron Female Dunmer Commoner 6 69 92 50 30 The Brazen Maiden, Lower Level
Medenb Arvel Male Dunmer Commoner 7 81 94 90 30 The Brazen Maiden, Upper Level
Molvar Crito Male Dunmer Commoner 5 67 112 90 30 The Brazen Maiden, Upper Level