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The Telvannis district is one of six Imperial administrative districts of the Morrowind province. Telvannis is composed of a large peninsula and an island chain, surrounded by the Inner Sea and the Sea of Ghosts. The district is characterized by rocky highlands, steep cliffs, and rolling hills. Insects and arthropods of all sorts abound.

Before the Treaty of the Armistice in 2E 896, the area was mostly wilderness with a few old Velothi towns administered by the Tribunal Temple and many isolated Telvanni towers. When the Empire became the occupying power, it started developing the area by taking over minor coastal settlements and gradually fortifying and expanding them, until they were entirely rebuilt. The first was Firewatch, chosen to be the seat of Imperial power in the district, then Helnim and finally Bal Oyra, the most recent of the three. In reaction to this Imperial encroachment on their homeland, the Telvanni went through their own expansionist phase, taking over the Temple-controlled settlements of Ranyon-ruhn and Tel Mothrivra.


The Telvannis District is divided clearly between two factions, the Imperials and the Telvanni. Theoretically, there should be a Grand Council in Firewatch, with representatives from House Telvanni and the Tribunal Temple present to defend the natives' interests before the Imperial officials. The mage-lords of House Telvanni, however, have no time for such 'unnecessary' procedures, or such obeisance to Imperial bureaucracy, and no such Council was ever formed. The Temple, with its dwindling influence in the region, prefers to concentrate its resources on its remaining faithful rather than on bureaucracy. As a result, the Imperial administration is nearly entirely made of foreigners with little grasp of Dunmer culture, and Duchess Perulia Jandacia suffers from the closed-mindedness that so often comes from living in an ivory tower. On the Telvanni side, the so-called "Parliament of Bugs" and the Archmagister Rilvin Dral are both found in Port Telvannis, by far the largest city of the entire area. Each Mage-Lord pursues their own agenda, and most of them do not care about the Empire. Mistress Rathra and her staunch ally Eldale, however, are acutely resentful of the Imperial presence.


House Telvanni produces many valuable resources, ranging from Telvanni Bug Musk and molecrab armor to the gigantic Silt Striders. They also control many egg mines and plantations. The East Empire Company negotiates indirectly for these products, having to go through intermediaries willing to trade with them. A few imperial products are popular enough to be imported in exchange, but it is still a large trade deficit for the Empire.


The mainland part is dominated by the Boethian Mountains around which lie the hills and plains of the Molagreahd. The rest of the district comprises the Telvanni Isles.

The biggest towns are Firewatch, Port Telvannis, Helnim and Llothanis. The ancient past is still present in the form of Daedric Shrines, Dwemer Ruins and a few Velothi Towers.


The Telvanni, when they do not use levitation or teleportation, favor giant arthropods such as Silt Striders or their exclusive River Striders. Guars and boats are also popular, especially with foreigners who may find the huge bugs unsettling. The Mages Guild also started a teleportation network with its Guild Guides.


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